Different Types of garment labels

According to the requirements of customers, different types of fabrics can be used to make clothing labels, to achieve the perfect finished product effect.

First :damask

This is the most common type of clothing label. Suitable for high-end use and really enhance your brand image. Recommended options that require better images or text. They provide greater clarity in detailed design and text. Compared to other labels, these labels are slower to braid, use finer yarns, and have a higher braid density, resulting in even braid and increased durability.

These types of labels are produced with thin, polished and lustrous thread and a favorite choice of the clothing line manufacturers. Damask thread is so thin that they can produce high definition and better quality labels.  

Second :satin

Satin clothing labels are usually cheaper than satin. They do not render the design details of a brocade or taffeta label, but offer a smooth, shiny, shiny, soft look and feel. And pastel colors. This unique, soft, smooth satin look was considered richer and more upscale and was therefore used in more prestigious applications. It can also be used on baby clothes to enhance the softness. The number of colors in a pattern can be limited to three.

 Satin threads are used to give the ultimate lustrous and smooth touch to the woven labels. Another alternative is reverse weave of satin thread for a shiny and matte effect.  

Third :Taffeta

Basic, but popular, woven labels because of their lower cost. These labels are woven with plain weave fabric. This is a tight organizational structure and produces a very stable, durable label. Patterns woven on this basis can produce the effect of weaving a tapestry.

They are similar to damask labels, but without their rich appearance or the ability to carry such fine detail. They also don’t have the soft, smooth, glossy look of satin labels, but they can carry reasonably detailed designs and text and are very practical. They are the choice for those who need bold images and text. These labels are often used for care instruction labels because of their low cost.

These types of woven labels are made of a polyester-based thread and are mostly prepared for basic uses. They are very cost-effective and flexible.  

fourth :Leather

For the most gorgeous and stylish look, the leather woven label has a masculine vibe.

Cruz Labels offers faux leather labels, real leather labels, and suede labels that are ideal for denim, bags, hats, and shoes. The durability and realistic look of the leather patch can really enhance your brand. While most people think leather patches are only for jeans, many products use artificial or real leather patches to create a rustic or high-end look.

To add a unique look, we can add nails, holes, thread, needles and other special materials. Leather labels are flexible and durable enough to be used as zippers, labels and promotional items.

Finally: Cotton

Our printed cotton labels are super soft and highly detailed – a subtle, organic style that welcomes any garment! We offer 100% natural printed cotton labels in either soft white or natural. These labels are lighter than woven labels and are usually used for lighter clothing. If you want to produce environmentally friendly products, our cotton labels are a good choice as they are 100% natural.  

 Some manufacturers also prefer cotton thread over other varieties as it is much more cost-effective than other labels

Different Types of garment labels
Different Types of garment labels 2
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