Embroidery patches VS woven patches

Both embroidery patch and woven patch are common patches in our life. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Many buyers in the choice of embroidered or woven patch will be difficult.  Here are some criteria to help you decide between the two. 

1. Patches appearance 

Embroidery patch can maintain a clear appearance based on large sizes, but it is difficult to work out details due to differences in thread and weave.  Small embroidered badges do not reflect complex designs.  Embroider chapter has concave-convex feel, stand a few more. 

No matter the size, design complexity or not.  For design, it can be woven perfectly in the right size.  Finer yarns show finer detail.  The weave is smooth and flat. 

patches 1
Embroidery patches VS woven patches 5

2. Threads of patches 

Embroidery badge use thick threads, so they need to be large in size to create detailed backgrounds or gradients. 

It creates a greater margin to have details of art, and reproduction design is not a problem. 

If the design has gradient elements, woven badge is recommended.  Of course, embroidered badges can also achieve this effect, but in comparison, embroidered badges need to be larger in size. 

3. Patches’s details 

The woven patch weaving process is more compact, allowing more detail to be filled into a smaller space. 

The thick lines of the embroidered patch have less detail than the braided patch, however, different stitching directions and embroidery percentages can produce certain special effects that are impossible with the embroidery patch. 

4. Backings of patches 

Optional back crafts for embroidered and woven badges are the same.  Usually Paper on, Iron on, Velcro on and adhesive on. 

Embroidery patches VS woven patches 6

5. Patches’s dimensions 

This is because embroidery badges are made of thick yarn and a basic material.  Creates a three-dimensional look that provides depth and a classic image. 

In essence, woven badge is a flat appearance, a two-dimensional style.  Because no base fabric is used, the woven badge is not as thick as the embroidered badge. 

6. Patches’s popularity 

Embroidered badges are classic products and have always been very popular.  A fine embroidered patch is a work of art. Woven patch is more commonly used in clothing, bags and other products. 

7. Patches’s color 

Due to process limitation,woven patch, the maximum number of colors can be 8 at one time.  Different colored lines can be compressed into small spaces to give the illusion of gradual change. 

Embroidery badges can achieve more colors in a single design.  Embroidery can add layers of thread on top of each other to create a mixed effect. 

patches 8
Embroidery patches VS woven patches 7

8. Patches’s fonts 

To be legible, embroidery patches need simple letters and a large size, at least 1/4 inch high, best for embroidery.  

The advantage of woven patch is that the smaller fonts in the design are easy to read and the design is more free.  If your design has a lot of letters, woven patch is a viable approach. 

9. Patches’s durability 

Embroidery badges are started on a base material that gives embroidery badges greater stability and longevity. 

There is no base fabric for the woven patch, and tight braiding helps stabilize it. 

Both are durable products. 

10. Edges of patches 

There are two options for the edges of the patch, laser cut,merrow border(overlock) and embroidered edge.  All three edges can be made, whether woven or embroidered.  But laser cutting is suitable for any shape, while overlock and embroidery are not suitable for complex shapes. 

patches 9
Embroidery patches VS woven patches 8
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