embroidery tags for clothing–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

embroidery tags for clothing

Woven label

Weaving is where two sets of thread are interlaced at right angles on a loom to create a piece of material. It’s one of the oldest forms of textile making.1 Woven fabrics are versatile, long-lasting materials that come in a wide range of finishes. Using a commercial production loom, a skilled narrow fabrics weaver can pack a high level of detail into a very small amount of space, making it the perfect choice for most fashion and apparel labels. Modern woven labels are usually made from polyester thread (polyester thread is very fine and colours stay vivid for longer). Here at KSTHL Labels, we have the ability to offer cotton and organic woven alternatives if necessary.

embroidery labels for clothing

Proper care for a garment is of course important. Without it, some clothes might rip, shrink, or the colours might run if the warning on the label isn’t adhered to. Some fabrics shouldn’t even be put into a washing machine and need special treatment like dry cleaning.

screen print labels

The most popular way to brand your apparel. These (neck label) tags are directly screen printed inside your garments. These tags are superior to the industry standard heat-transfer tags due to their improved wash fastness.

cotton labels for clothing

Branding is a significant factor in clothing production, and something as simple as a small label can make a world of difference. Many consumers get asked “where was that from?” or “what size did you get?” when talking to others, and the label is the first place they look especially if they’ve had the garment for several years.

clothes tags

embroidery tags for clothing
embroidery tags for clothing

embroidered tags labels

embroidery tags for clothing
embroidery tags for clothing

Garment label

clothes label

embroidery machine

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