Merrowed border woven patch embroidery badger for clothing–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

merrowed border woven patch

What is a merrowed border woven patch?

With all of the options for ordering custom patches — choosing the design, shape, and backing type — patch borders are an often overlooked element. Choosing the right type of border for your patch is important to your emblem’s appearance, and is another way to help convey your unique style and voice. The right border will put the finishing touches on your patch, whether that be adding to a sophisticated, sleek look or showing off a more vintage style.

What is a Merrowed edge?

Some people consider fully embroidered patches to be more attractive than partially embroidered versions but this is largely a question of personal taste.Certain designs may look better executed fully embroidered and others partially embroidered.

merrowed border woven patch
merrowed border woven patch

How wide should a patch border be?

When designing an embroidered patch, customers often overlook one of the most important aspects of an embroidered patch which is the border. There are two types of embroidered patches. One embroidered patch has 100% embroidery coverage which means the entire area of the patch consists of embroidery, and the second type is less than 100% embroidery coverage, which means that the patch is sewn onto a material backing (usually cotton twill).

What is a heat cut border patch?

These originally hand-crafted badges are now seen everywhere and can be made with a variety of attachment options such as sew-on, iron-on, adhesive backing, or velcro backing.

hot cut border patch

No matter what you want to design, we have the tools and expertise to bring it to life. Our custom iron on patches come in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Our patches are produced to suit our customers’ unique tastes and style preferences. Your custom iron on patches can be embroidered, woven, dye sublimation or you can choose one of our other offerings.

merrowed edge vs embroidered border

These are popular mainly on jackets. They are made from yarn which is soft to the touch.

Chenille Patches are popular with college and sports jackets and give your coat a high quality rich appearance.

merrowed border woven patch
merrowed border woven patch

embroidered border patch

Every embroidered patch starts with a piece of twill fabric, and then threads are stitched on top of this fabric. Embroidery coverage simply refers to whether or not the entire surface of the twill will be covered by thread.

Now moving on to the 100% embroidery example. On this patch, thread completely covers the twill. There is no gray showing. The customer decided that they wanted a multi-colored background, therefore making 100% embroidery necessary.

merrowed definition

Merrow (overlock) border and Heat cut (hot cut) border are two methods for edge forming of embroidery products. The merrow border is to sew a loop around the embroidery patch to protect it. Because this loop is being sewing on additionally, it can only be applied to round, square, and oval shapes which is smooth and symmetrical appearance. If the appearance of your embroidery patch is irregular shape, then you should choose the Heat Cut border. HEAT CUT BORDER is to use a hot knife to seal the edge threads of the embroidery patches, and the appearance is not limited, which is very suitable for irregular outer frame shapes.

how to do a merrowed edge

There are several border options we offer, each border gives an embroidered patches a distinct look. it is very important to know which border option looks best on which type of custom made patches, I want our customers to feel knowledgeable and confident about the border options they choose, so I am going to over our border options and explain their differences in appearance and which border is best used for which type of custom patches.

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