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The feasibility and benefit of making trademarks directly on denim clothing

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Cowboy clothing, has become the soul of modern clothing, can be seen everywhere, everywhere.The special style of denim fabric, such as weight, roughness, and its features woven after yarn staining, make it possible to use laser carving trademarks directly on denim clothing.

Using laser beam directly on the surface of denim pieces for high temperature etching, can vaporize denim surface dye,

This trademark is integral with the clothing, should not be removed and cut, with permanent; it is not easy to be counterfeit; there is no trademark to the back neck itching sensation.At the same time to reduce the production cycle, only directly on the clothing to mark a step; but also save raw materials, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.

The disadvantage is that the color is single, but at present, many famous clothing trademarks at home and abroad are woven a single color: background color and floating color, such as Nike, Adidas, LEE, Youngor and so on.The reason is the artistic needs of trademark pattern design, and the other may also consider the cost of weaving.

Color trademarks are only much used more on children’s clothing

Implementation method of making a trademark directly on denim clothing

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1) Hand-drawn trademark patterns into the computer with a scanner or directly design trademark patterns with other design software, image processing with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and make AI, DXF, CAD, PLT or BMP files.

2) Turn on the laser marking software and export the trademark pattern.Adjust the laser head focus length

(for the same thick fabric, once adjusted for a long time).Set the calibration parameters: processing power (unit: watt%); processing speed (unit: mm/s); acceleration (unit: mm/s2); step distance (unit: mm).

Advantages and disadvantages of weaving trademark

Although the clothing trademark is small, when consumers wear clothes, it will often feel itchy at the back of the neck trademark. If the trademark is removed, it is easy to damage the clothes.

There is another defect in the woven mark printing trademark: not resistant to washing, and the printing is easy to fall off

What is Clothing collar logo

Clothing collar logo is a small sign showing the clothing brand, generally sewn under the back collar of the clothing.

It retains the longest time, promoting the most direct brand, symbolizing the image of the brand.At present, there is no unified standard for the location, specifications and materials at home and abroad, and the clothing brands are arranged according to their own design style.

The cost price of the better quality and the general quality may be more than the cost price of 10 times. Due to cost considerations, some clothing enterprises cut the materials and process, leading to uncomfortable clothing wearing

What is collar label fabric

If some enterprises choose chemical fiber with poor texture as the collar label fabric, some enterprises use thick and hard transparent sewing thread sewing collar label, some enterprises only at both ends of the collar label thread roughly stitches a few stitches, these non-standard behavior will cause an itchy sense of clothing collar mark.

Many consumers reflect close-fitting clothing collar mark will often friction neck, rub neck red and itchy, many consumers will be cut before wearing new clothes, even a large number of consumers will wear underwear, collar mark caused by itchy feeling greatly reduce the clothing comfort, also affected the consumer satisfaction of clothing, has become a big problem of consumers

Research status of itchy itch

itch feeling belongs to the category of contact comfort, generally refers to the fabric surface of the skin pain and light tie, friction of itching comprehensive feeling, mainly manifested as itching.

Repeated, lasting effects under low action force can easily cause the feeling of skin itching, strong, local area stimulation will even cause pain, so that the wearer can produce physical discomfort and psychological unhappiness.

At present, most of the domestic research on itching feeling is on fabric, including the research and evaluation of itching feeling such as ramie fabric and wool fabric, and the methods to improve the itching feeling of ramie fabric and wool fabric, and the research on itching sense of clothing trademark is relatively less

The influencing factor of collar mark and itch feeling

Summarize the results of the previous analysis of trademark itching factors, and conclude that the factors mainly include fabric material, organizational structure, production process and sewing method

Fabric material

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At present, the commonly used trademark fabrics are mainly cotton and polyester 2, pure cotton trademark pattern is printing, soft and comfortable feel,

not easy to produce itchy pattern; polyester silk pattern, silver wire jacquard woven, but in the use of silver wire is easy to expand or shrink,

make the silk line protruding on the trademark surface, easy to scratch and stimulate the skin, make people feel itchy.

organizing the structure

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The organization structure of the trademark is divided into three kinds: flat, oblique and satin lines.

The satin tissue surface has long floating lines, so the trademark surface is relatively smooth.Flat tissue has tight texture, high stiffness, easy to stimulate the skin and cause itching.

If flat tissue is used, try to use high branch yarn or choose lower latitude and longitude density to reduce the stiffness of the fabric and improve comfort.

production engineering

The production technology of trademark mainly includes weaving, hook and cutting edges.

Weaving edge and hook edge trademark are directly woven according to the width of the trademark, without cutting, trademark edges are smooth, smooth, less itchy feeling.The edge cutting trademark is first woven like cloth, and then cut into strips according to the width.

During the cutting, the edge of the trademark is easy due to the high temperature of the blade, resulting in excessive melting, and even particles, making the edge uneven,

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