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fabric label maker for clothing

How do you make your own clothing labels?

Custom Fabric Labels & Tags – Australia | Custom Australian Labels To Go On Any Fabrics Our labels work with almost every fabric. If you can sew with it, you can label it. You can even choose between a sew-in label or one with an iron-on backing, making it easy to label any fabrics, including: Lightweight Silks Delicate Mesh & Lace Fabrics Knitted & Crocheted Items Leather & Vegan Leather.

What fabric is used for clothing labels?

Custom sewing labels have an amazing amount of versatility no matter where you might want to attach them in your clothing items. One great way to use sew-on tags for clothing is by adding them to the collar area. Some great examples of sew-on clothing labels at the collar are branded labels and size labels. You may also want to space out your sew-in clothing labels by attaching a smaller one in a fold on the hem. A hem tag can be sewn into clothing anywhere, from an outside chest pocket to the actual bottom hem of a shirt, to a shirt sleeve.

fabric label maker for clothing
fabric label maker for clothing

Can I put my own label on clothing?

Our Woven Garment Label Makers are able to weave different textile styles and  create completely customised textile labels to suit your branding products.  This includes professional finishing with custom fabric designs and  brand logos attached.  The unique advantage working with us  is that we are both supplier and manufacturer which enables us to provide a flexible manufacturing service and competitive price to our customers.

How do you make fabric labels for handmade items?

The label’s location on the garment and the label’s fold are what determines whether a sewing margin is needed. Sewing margins are 1/8″ unless otherwise requested. When determining the size of your woven labels, remember the margin will further reduce the size of the artwork on the label.

best label maker for clothes-fabric label maker for clothing

Nylon labels come in both sew-in and iron-on varieties. These flexible, industrial strength nylon tracking labels are 100% nylon and are perfect for the identification of woven products such as uniforms and costumes. Adding colored logo or print is also an option.

All woven labels are custom and many cuts are available:

  • Straight Cut – flat label with stitching on 1 or all 4 sides
  • Centerfold – label is folded in half, and loose ends are sewn into inseam
  • End Folded – label ends are folded inward for stitching on the ends of folds
  • Die Cut/Patch – can be produced with rounded or square corners in custom shapes for patches

label maker for clothes amazon-fabric label maker for clothing

Iron-on label material backed with industrial resin stays on in commercial washers & dryers.

Sew-on label material is non fray polyester, no folding or tucking, will not warp or stretch.

Personal Stick-on labels for shoes, bottles, lunch boxes & books are non fade & waterproof.

Name labels suit care facilities, boarding schools, nursing homes, hostels, kitchens & work.

Retail garment labels can be small quantities combining, brand, care and size all in one.

Sew-on or iron on import labels meet mandatory customs regulations and are permanent.

Product Stickers, all sizes suit bottles, cartons & cardboard boxes ready for dispatch or sale.

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Clothing label makers are light-weight, portable and super versatile as you can use these to not only label your clothes, but everything else too with different ‘tape’ options available. Loaded with compatible, iron-on tape, you can use the keyboard on the handheld label maker to type out the name, brand label or wash directions you need to add and choose whichever font or type size you wish!

clothing label maker for nursing homes

KSTHL Labels is a durable alternative to sewing name Labels to create easy, machine-washable Labels for all your clothes, towels and backpacks.  Adhering to a variety of fabrics and textures, these cloth labels are faster and more reliable than sewing patches yourself.  

fabric label maker for clothing
fabric label maker for clothing

Woven label

The enormous differences that exist between clothing label makers are not always obvious, or easy to discern. Besides the pricing and quantity requirements, there are a number of additional attributes buyers should consider when choosing a label manufacturer whose fabric label will have such an impression on the style of their products.

The clothing tag quality, along with the label maker’s attention to detail, dependability, efficiency, and level of customer assistance, combine to indicate the overall competence of a label manufacturer. Knowing what to look for will arm you in your quest to discover the right clothing label maker, and prevent the disappointments that cost time and money.

clothing label printing machine for sale

All the printed labels come with finished edges that will not fray. We offer three basic types of printed satin labels.

  • The first one is woven edge satin; the edges have a woven appearance. They are super soft and viable, and the most common type of label customer orders the most.
  • The second type is called slit edge satin. This type of satin is flexible and soft to the touch, thinner than the woven edge, and has a silky feel to it. You can see it has a straight edge and does not have a woven edge.
  • The third type is called a Double face woven edge. This material has a shiny appearance on both sides and is commonly used to print on both sides of the label. It’s the softest of all three types of labels.
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