Wholesales good price fabric labels for handmade items australia-The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

fabric labels for handmade items australia

custom fabric labels for handmade items australia

We are constantly in awe of the talent of our customers. The creativity and passion for creating is such a gift! We know that labeling and branding these handmade items is important and that’s something we take very seriously. We know your creations deserve only the best, and the best is what we promise. From clothing labels to laundry labels to hang tags and ribbon, every single design is produced meticuously because your hard work deserves it!

fabric labels for handmade items australia
fabric labels for handmade items australia

leather labels for handmade items australia

Looking for School Name Labels? Among some of the products below you will find our woven sew on name tapes. These are the finest quality woven name tapes that are the traditional way of labeling children’s school clothing. Our Iron-on labels take just 10 seconds to apply, and last the life of the garment! KSTHL Labels attach to the existing care label and withstand washing and drying! Large Sports tags are particularly popular for games with many schools insisting on this type of identification label. Why not browse our range of accessories too – personalized school bags, pencils and pencil cases!

fabric labels for handmade items australia
fabric labels for handmade items australia

handmade with love sewing labels australia

What’s A Damask Woven Label?

Damask labels are high-quality clothing labels produced on a jacquard loom. This technique creates labels to match your design by using a different weave for the foreground and background of the label. Damask gives more definition between each element of the design compared with other weaving techniques, making a label that really pops. You can spot a damask woven label quickly by flipping it over. The inverse of the pattern will show on the reverse side, and the label should feel soft with a slight lustre.

fabric tags for handmade items

They are heat treated, which means that they are colorfast and prevented from fraying. However, some fading over time should be expected (it is standard with all fabrics). Also note that the color will last longest with cold water washing, a principle which stands true for any fabric-made item. Last but not least, do keep in mind that the labels are sew on and they must be attached on all four sides. Perfect to place on anything from bags to clothes, makeup bags etc.

fabric labels for handmade items australia
fabric labels for handmade items australia

handmade labels

What Should My Label Say?

Other than your business information and logo so people can order from you; another popular thing to do is use the label to raise awareness about your product line and tell your story.

Many custom designers of baby clothes recognize not every family can afford to buy what they offer; however, their customers all LOVE the idea that part of their proceeds go to benefit charitable organizations that directly help the children. If this is a passion of yours as well; the label is a great place to share your vision.

custom woven labels

You can have a simple text design (let us know the text and print colour etc you would like) or a full colour logo it’s entirely your choice, please note we don’t create logos for you – your logo needs to be complete and suitable for printing e.g. not too small etc, before starting label production we will send you a preview of your design to ensure you are happy with it, once the design has been agreed we will begin production and ship them to you.

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How Do You Know Our Labels are The Right Match To Your Product?

You can request a sample package, and we will mail it to you free of charge. We will include a variety of woven labels for your review: sizes, styles, folds and designs that will help you evaluate the quality and imagine what will your product look like once you attach your custom labels to it.

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How do you mark handmade items?

How do you make material tags?

What are fabric labels?

What is the best fabric for clothing labels?

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