Wholesale fabric labels south africa–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

fabric labels south africa

custom labels south africa

When people shop for garments, they check the labels for sizes, care instructions, but most importantly, who made them. Labels play a big role in brand identity more than you realize. They push your products further into the global market, helping your brand stand out from thousands of others. Clothing labels are essential in many different ways, from your product’s marketing to overall brand awareness.

material labels for clothing

There are many kinds of clothing labels out there and each type has their own proper application. The variety of types also means they are available in a variety of qualities and price ranges. If you’re just starting out, all of the pretty leather and wooden garment labels can look really appealing, but it’s not always realistic to spend that kind of money before you’ve had many (or any) sales.

Because of this, looking into some of the cheaper options may be a better choice. Laser printed clothing labels are one of the cheapest options available. You can buy them in bulk or short runs, they can be printed with any imagery or text without a setup fee, and they’re a very professional looking tag.

iron on clothing labels south africa

My favorite place for this type of label is in the inside, center back. It’s a helpful way to indicate which side is the back because no one wants to have to think about that when getting dressed. Just sandwich the label between a seam while you’re sewing.

fabric labels south africa
fabric labels south africa

wunderlabel south africa

Consumers are reliant on the labels within their clothing to help keep them looking their best for as long as possible, so it’s imperative to protect your brand and give the consumer confidence in your clothing by helping them to do just that.

where to buy labels for clothing

Decide what type of label you want to put on your products. There are two main types of labels: woven and printed. Woven labels are made from thread, while printed labels are made with ink. Deciding which one is right for your product will depend on many factors such as cost, quality, and how much information needs to go onto the label itself.

clothing labels centurion

Labels are the first impression customers get when they see your product.  In an aisle full of competitors, you want to make sure your brand stands out from the rest.  That’s where good design comes in.

fabric labels south africa
fabric labels south africa

woven labels pretoria

We take customized woven labels seriously, so unlike other woven labels manufacturers, we make use of the best offered technology in making our labels because we want it to look precisely just how you would desire it. We make these woven tags with excellent products and also art work, integrated with our extensive quality assurance to allow them be the most effective.

clothing size labels south africa

Our tags and labels are very durable for wearing and washing and dry cleaning.   The manufacturer rates image printed on the iron-on and sew-in tags as good for 20 washes / dry cleanings but they have lasted for up to 50 washes in our tests.  We will send you free samples and you can test them yourself.

fabric labels south africa
fabric labels south africa
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