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fabric tags for sewing

How do you make fabric name tags?

Custom sewing labels have an amazing amount of versatility no matter where you might want to attach them in your clothing items. One great way to use sew on tags for clothing is by adding them to the collar area.

Some great examples of sew on clothing labels at the collar are branded labels and size labels. You may also want to space out your sew in clothing labels by attaching a smaller one in a fold on the hem.

A hem tag can be sewn into clothing anywhere, from an outside chest pocket, to the actual bottom hem of a shirt, to a shirt sleeve.

Another great placement for sew on tags for clothing is along the inside seams, for things like size labels, branding labels, and made-in labels.

If you’re looking to organize or make sure items get returned, you can also create sew on name labels for clothing. And don’t just restrict clothing labels to the torso: labels for clothing sew onto trousers, skirts, coats, and more!

fabric tags for sewing
fabric tags for sewing

What fabric is used for tags?

Looking for something to give your designs that extra-professional touch? Along with our fabric labels, we also offer care labels, size labels, iron-on labels, and made-in labels to add even more detail to what you’re making. Give your customers that extra information they need to know what size that jacket is or how to wash that beautiful silk shirt without risking color bleeding or shrinking. Plus, with our made-in labels, you can let your customers know exactly where their new favorite dress was made. We’re also your go to source for t-shirt labels, quilt labels and laundry labels.

What are fabric labels?

Now hopefully you’re not washing wool items too much, but if you find yourself running loads of the same few favorite sweaters, it’s best to do a little research and get a wool-specific detergent. Coming clean here: this is a tip passed on to me by KSTHL who only wants the best for my wool jumpers. I tip my hat/knit beanie to you.

fabric tags for sewing
fabric tags for sewing

How do you sew on a tag?

f you’re looking to add a great addition to your newly created folded origami ornament, a hang tag is a great way to present your ornament as a gift, or if you want to have a special message come with your folded origami ornament!

And that’s it! Congratulations! You just made your own origami fabric crane! 🙂 We also have a step-by-step DIY fabric origami crane ornament video guide, if you want to follow along.

Let us know what you think and share your photos of your own DIY drawstring bag with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

personalised sewing labels-fabric tags for sewing

Are printed on modern, high-quality printers meaning we can dispatch them in super quick time. The material is a fabric similar to our iron-on labels, meaning once they are sewn on they become silky smooth and are especially suitable for sensitive skin.

To order simply insert the name you want on the labels, choose your favourite image (or leave blank), select the colour and then decide on the quantity of printed sew-on labels you’d like to order.

sewing labels made with love-fabric tags for sewing

During checkout please specify:

1. leave the name you want to print or any of your text in the ”  Remarks  ” section ; If you have an image, you can attach it to a conversation

2. Select the number of the font you want (the last photo),or do not select (use    the font shown in the main photo)

We will carry out label design based on the information you provide. And will ask you to confirm that this design is what you ultimately want.

fabric tags for sewing
fabric tags for sewing

handmade with love sewing labels

Printsys has been supplying fabric labels for many years to our esteemed clients. Fabric Labels can be used as a marketing tool to improve your company’s branding; it can also be used on your staff’s uniform to make it stand out. The possibilities of using fabric label as a form of marketing is endless and we would of course like to share with you our portfolio that we have done over the years. We would like to meet you in person to go through with you on your requirements, as well as to share what we have done over the years. You can also let us know your queries in terms of fabric labels and we can better advise you.

personalized sewing labels amazon

Colorful and unique, our colour iron-on lname abels allow you to mark your children’s clothes with style. The labels of outstanding quality and lovely colours withstand the washing machine and tumbler without problems.

Our fun iron-on labels can be easily applied with an iron in just a few seconds, and can be machine washed up to 60 degrees.

personalized sewing labels for clothing

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