fold over labels australia–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

fold over labels australia

tab style sew-in fold over labels

Sewing labels is a great way to showcase your brand and add a personalized touch to the items you create.  Add clothing sewing labels to the project using a sewing machine or by hand.  

Our labels come in two varieties woven and printed;  These tags can be created by uploading tag designs.  If you’re looking for a non-sewing option and don’t like using sewing labels, ironing labels are another great option.  

sew in fabric labels australia

We do not want our clients to incur the additional cost of hiring a tailor to unstitch the collar seams of their T-Shirts in order to remove the Clothing Label. Therefore, we trim the existing tags prior to Screen Printing or Sewing your Custom Clothing Label.

fold over labels australia
fold over labels australia

sew in seam labels australia

Are you a designer looking for that perfect finishing touch to your branding textile products?  Then look no further than Perfect-Labels-Lanyards for your bespoke woven designer labels. Our designer fabric labels can be customised to suit your exact design specifications from size, colour, shape, images and text to perfectly compliment your brand image and the garments themselves. We offer a quicker lead-time than all other suppliers and a 5% discount from repeated orders.

tab style sew-in labels

Whether you are a large apparel company or a new designer looking to make your mark in the fashion or accessories industry, or have any product requiring a custom fabric label, we will work with you to design and deliver a label that will make your brand stand out from the rest. First impressions are important; let us make sure it’s a great one.

fold over labels australia
fold over labels australia

labels and tags

Woven Satin Labels

A polyester based lustrous thread which is soft and smooth. Woven satin can be produced using a single needle or broadloom set-up based on quality needs.

Woven Taffeta Labels

A polyester-based plain woven thread used for low cost or basic uses. Not suggested for use in contact with skin as it tends to be scratchy. Very durable and more suitable for outerwear or accessories.

tag and labels

These satin clothing name labels are perfect for sewing in purpose. This label is preferred for boarding school, aged care and other places using industry washing machine.

  • Last longer and can be removed in the future
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Easy to read – black print on white background
  • The labels are made of quality silky satin materials
  • Fold and sew on top and bottom sides of the label
  • Labels are supplied as strip and ready to be cut before folding and sewing

sew many labels

We make or sew name tags for clothing, uniforms and linens, as well as label personal hardware.  We customize fabric and care labels, brand labels, centerfolds and size labels for any garment. 

fold over sew-in labels

Brands for your clothing, clothing and crafts.  These laser cut labels are a great way to strengthen your brand in your clothing.  It’s a must-have for professional designers and home sewers.  – Give special recognition to all your fabulous creations.  Wash Care Labels and thank you stickers – small fabric…  Wash care labels and thank you stickers.  To complete your handmade items, care labels provide a professional finishing touch.  Send out your handmade items with thank you stickers to make them look pretty.  

fold over labels australia
fold over labels australia
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