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We are a manufacturer specializing in woven label industry, with more than 15 years of history, providing high quality printed or woven labels, they can also be used as sofa labels or interior decoration labels. 

Brand labels have grown and flourished with furniture and interior decoration connoisseurs of all sizes.A professional label, its combination will reveal a lot. 

Expression can be in a variety of forms, the common ones are woven labels, printed labels, PVC labels and metal labels.It can be sewn on textiles or used as a back liner for furniture of different materials. 

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Why do you need furniture labels? 

Designer furniture is a specialist market, popular with consumers who have lost interest in the styles of large warehouses and discount furniture stores.In our daily life, we can see custom-made furniture, reused furniture, redecorated antiques and shabby chic old furniture everywhere. 

For these designers,what sets them apart from the competition? We believe the difference will be in the design of their custom label brands. 

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Contents of furniture labels 

Furniture or homeware labels are used for brand logo, care, content, size or legal, legal information or a combination of all.A furniture label is an identifier on a woven label or printed label with a sticky background, that is, a self-sticking, peeling and sticking label or pressure-sensitive label attached to furniture or furniture. 

Just like stickers, these custom furniture labels are woven from a sticky substrate that makes it easy to highlight your product.Labels are valuable because they imprint an important message about the creator on a piece of furniture.Often sewn or pressed on the bottom of a chair or sofa, they provide a wealth of information about a particular product. 

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Benefits of furniture woven labels 

Up to 8 color options are available for woven labels.Woven labels use finer yarn to produce more detailed content and bring better quality than embroidery. 

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The usage of furniture labels 

Most furniture labels Labels are used for furniture, sofas, cabinets, chairs, tables, rugs, MATS, fixtures, awnings and lampshades.Mattresses, chairs, cushions, beds and even interior furnishings should be labeled.In fact, every type of item should have a label.The label should provide information about the manufacturer who made the furniture and some of the characteristics that made it. 

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Can I use the same furniture labels on all the items I create? 

You’re tagging it with your name and information, so it’s important that customers and those who appreciate your work know where to buy their own.Professional custom labels can be found on all types of furniture and items.Just as a work of art would have a designer’s name, a piece of furniture should have a label that tells people where it was made and who created or designed it. 

If you’re a furniture designer, including information about how many pieces there are of that particular design can also increase interest in a piece.If you include in your label that your creation is unique, or that it is part of a limited edition, your furniture works may become more attractive.There is a reason to raise the price of the product itself. 

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Is it worth spending money on furniture labels? 

A custom label is only a small part of the cost of the product itself.For your design, it’s a great word of mouth advertisement that adds value to your product.Think about the money you pay for advertising, and the fact that potential customers have to appreciate your product through the AD to see the label.Custom labels are nothing more than a good way to spread the word.It can be said that the value of custom furniture labels is priceless. 

From start to finish, furniture design is a complex art form, and high-end furniture labels can bring added value to furniture. 

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