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All over the world, games are everywhere. Many consumers have their favorite games. The player has become the core of marketing strategies in every industry.  When the fans of the game become our target audience, we will start to develop products that are suitable to sell to them.  Use custom branded goods, which are in-game merchandise.  

There are many different ways you can personalize the giveaway to your players.  It’s always a good idea to label their clothing or fabric products using custom patches or custom labels.  Another effective way is to give away custom key chains with brand image.  Metal, leather or PVC will do.  From our perspective, PVC key chains are more common.  

1. Custom products– the player’s clothing tag  

We can provide several labels for the clothing with the image of the game.  Among them, label and webbing are the most popular.  Next is the printed label.  We also recommend the use of woven label, woven label moQ bottom, environmental protection, washable, more cost-effective.  It can be either a main label or a wash label, or a flag label.  

custom products 4
Game merchandise - custom products 6

2. Custom products– game giveaways — patches  

For clothing promotional products such as hats, jackets, vests or outdoor equipment and bags, custom woven badges or PVC patches with game images can be used to decorate them.  Patches can contain the product’s identity, name, and other information.  Both to express the love of the game, but also to their own equipment to bring new ideas.  

Of course, embroidered seal is also possible, but it is more suitable for simple patterns and shapes.  

custom products 3
Game merchandise - custom products 7

Patch optional side and back craft as follows:  

custom products
Game merchandise - custom products 8

3. Custom products–the keychain of the game image

It is not only clothing products that can be decorated, some small accessories can also bring fun.  Gifts to relatives and friends will also be appreciated.  For example, key chains.  Although it looks simple, the key chain is still very practical and fashionable.  

custom products 2
Game merchandise - custom products 9

Whether you’re buying gifts, adding to your wardrobe, expressing your love of video games, or expanding your collection.  You can take your imagination and customize these little ideas.  Let the game into our daily life, show our love.  Novel gifts and game peripheral, quickly to develop it.  Customize the product that best represents you.  Represent the brand that resonates with you the most!  Whether you want a whole new world, a trip to a galaxy far, far away, or just want to grab everyone, we have an amazing array of merchandise from iconic brands like Disney, Nintendo and Fortnite.  

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