Fashion brands should add garment care label on their products[2021.6.22]

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The reason why fashion brands support adding laundry labelling on clothing in the market is that they think custom made tags for clothing can remind consumers of the quality and details of the relevant products they are buying, which can increase their desire to buy back.

Customers are the best spokesmen for the brand’s products because they wear clothes with a brand message personalized woven labels on them. in addition to its website, physical stores and social media.  So we need custom labels that keep the information intact and clear through multiple cycles of the washer and dryer.

Although it is said that the same design clothing labels can be used on the same series of goods, due to the difference of goods, we still suggest that you can create clothing tag different types of labels with the same design concept should be customized according to the goods themselves.

garment care label

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