genuine leather jacket–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

genuine leather jacket

Is genuine leather good for jackets?

Our leather labels are available with optional laser cut holes in the corners to help with attaching the label to your finished product. This option is popular with knitters and crocheters since the pre-cut holes make it easy to stitch the label in place on your products.

How much does real leather jacket cost?

We has no minimum quantity, you can send a request, and we will provide you with the best price.

We guarantee clear logo, clean colors and durable materials.

genuine leather jacket
genuine leather jacket

What is genuine leather jacket?

Faux leather patches are a great option for environmentally vegan conscious individuals or organizations that want the look and feel of leather without the use of animal hides.

How do you know if a leather jacket is real?

80 % of leather clothing labels are made of hot stamping to get your brand logo embossed or debossed on real genuine leather material.

The option of processing custom-made leather labels are

hot stamping

screen printing


metal decal attachment

PVC Mould Injection.

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There are many options when it comes to the imprinting process on leather and suede. Here are a few to give your customers an idea of the possibilities for a personalized patch order: screen printing, foil stamping, hot stamping, embossing, de-bossing, color-fill, stitching and embroidery, a metal plate or metal typography on leather.

genuine leather jacket
genuine leather jacket

motorcycle genuine leather jacket

Our custom leather labels can give you an exclusive look. Such as a general custom square, heart, triangle, round genuine labels. Or more to catch consumers’ eyes at their first sight. Any shape, size, color are available as your requests. The color of labels may vary due to the nature of their material. These colors are unique to each leather label.

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Badges & Patches are prominent, decorative brand labels that complement other product branding. Badges are also widely used to acknowledge achievement in sports and other organisations such as the Scouting & Guides movements.

Badges and patches are designed for long-life, and are manufactured from a range of enduring materials, including silicon, rubber, leather – both natural and imitation, and the traditional woven and embroidered products. They can be finished in a range of custom shapes, edge overlocked, and backed with self-adhesive for non-sew applications.

Leather Coat

Custom iron-on clothing labels are also a great option for designers and those wholike creating their own garments. Custom labels for clothing from KSTHL Labels add an element of elegance making the creation even more special. The label will help them remember you every time they see the label.

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