Good quality quilt tags custom : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

quilt tags custom

quilt tags custom

Cotton label set personalized with your name, shop, or message. Labels measure 1.5″x3″ each and are printed with permanent textile ink in full color. Laminated backing prevents cotton labels from fraying. Minimum order is 12 labels. 

Your custom fabric labels are designed, cut, and printed in-house to ensure you’re happy with every last detail. 

quilt tags custom
quilt tags custom

How do I make my own quilt labels?

There are lots of techniques you can use to create your label.. It can be as simple as using a piece of plain white fabric or you can get just as creative with the label as you did with the quilt. Here are some examples:

Use a left over block (or make an extra one on purpose) filling in the label information on the lighter or solid parts of the block. If you have no negative space on the block, add a light color border for writing space.

quilt tags custom

What should I put on my quilt tag?

quilt tags custom
quilt tags custom

What should I put on my quilt tag?Some ideas of what you might want to include on the label:

  1. The name of the quilt.
  2. The reason it was made – special occasion – holiday, graduation, wedding, birth, friendship,
  3. Topper’s name.
  4. Quilter’s name.
  5. Date and place where it was completed (or maybe even start date if you can remember that far back!)
  6. Care instructions.


How do you embroider a quilt label? 

There are also a lot of ways to actually get the information on the label: 

Hand written is my favorite. There’s something romantic about thinking your quilt will be found years from now with your own hand lettering telling your great great grand daughter that you made this quilt. 


use a permanent fabric marker with a fine point (.25mm) 
trace a label printed or drawn/written on paper (helps avoid mistakes) 
use a light box or sunny window for tracing 
tape paper and fabric down to avoid shifting 
iron fabric to freezer paper to make it more stable under the pen 
don’t forget to set the ink, following manufacturers directions 
Embroidery is another option. Embroidered labels stand up to washing. No worries if the ink will fade! Hand or machine embroider the label information. Fabric that matches your backing makes it look like it was embroidered on the quilt itself. 

quilt tags custom
quilt tags custom

Whould I put on a quilt label?

Ideas and Inspiration for Quilt Labels Sayings and Quotes is a paid collaboration with KSTHL LABELS. I have been making quilts since the boys were little. I am not a prolific quilt maker by any means at less than one and year and I have only ever gifted two quilts, once to each of my nieces. Those two quilts are also the only ones I have labels, which is really bad!quilt tags custom

quilt tags custom
quilt tags custom

personalized iron on quilt labels

Why is it bad not to label your quilt? Well, it isn’t bad in the here and now, but in years to come, someone might want to know how painstakingly made these beautiful quilts. Who poured hours of love into designing and stitching them and that information might be lost forever.

I have made it my resolution to go and label all the quilts I have made and to ensure that I label any I make in the future. Sometimes time limits apply and it can be hard to find the perfect label and I am more than happy to use iron on name labels to add my signature discreetly. Mini’s

what to write on a quilt label

The story of this quilt. You can tell how and why you made it, names of the quilt blocks or pattern you used, and any adventures you had getting it finished. We love the way Gay Lynn Hastings used this label to show how proud she was of making her very first quilt: 

Washing and care instructions. This is vital if the quilt needs any kind of special handling.

Hand write it with permanent ink. Write directly onto a rectangular piece of fabric or even on the quilt backing with a fine-tipped, permanent marker.

quilt tags custom
quilt tags custom
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