Hot sales hanging labels for clothes–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

hanging labels for clothes

How do you hang tags on clothes?

Any marketer will tell you that a customer’s buying cycle goes something like this: emotional decision, rational justification. Hang tags provide you the valuable opportunity to appeal to both considerations. The color or material choice, your logo or tagline may all evoke a feeling for a customer, while your highlighted features and benefits can add the validation necessary to justify their purchase.

hanging labels for clothes
hanging labels for clothes

How do you make your own clothing labels?

Hang tags are often used in the apparel industry, as they are easy to attach to most garments, including T-shirts, jeans, dresses, shirts, and outwear. For retail shelf merchandise, hang tags are an inexpensive alternative to traditional boxed packaging – not only do you save time and money on producing and assembling boxes, the product itself will be easier to see.

What is a hang tag in fashion?

Custom Hang tags is a simple yet effective way to round out packaging and branding for any product. Whether you’re selling clothes, gourmet food, or accessories, custom hang tags can complete the entire look of your product.

Their function can go beyond being a price tag, used to show customers a product’s care instructions or to delve deeper into your company’s story.

hanging labels for clothes
hanging labels for clothes

What size are hang tags?

We offer 12 standard sizes that are available as is, with clipped corners or with rounded corners. Fully customized die cut shapes are also available.

hang tags for clothing template

Whether you want to describe your company’s commitment to sustainable sourcing, provide a personal account of the philosophy behind your garment, or simply add to your product’s appeal with a relevant and evocative image, hang tags provide the medium you need. Whether it’s a picture of an exotic sunset for beachwear or an elaborate tale of how the designer came across the inspiration for the garment, hang tags are ideal for more detailed product messaging.

Hang tag

It’s always good to include your brand logo so that customers can associate the garment with your brand or if you’re an independent designer, even just your name will work well. It’s usually a good idea to make this the centrepiece of your design on the front and then maybe have a smaller alternative on the back.

hanging labels for clothes
hanging labels for clothes


Apart from the fashion of the garments what matters equally or more is the information that is on the tags and labels. Yes, they look good if designed correctly and can easily draw your attention to an item in the store but what else they say that can make a difference to your plans for purchasing. Information regarding the fabric and the conditions that are optimal for washing can influence your decision to buy. A low-quality garment is not a wise purchase, after a few washes you notice the fabric can fade in color or start to look worn already.

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