High quality folded hang tags for clothing

What is a folded hang tags?

A hang tag (or swing tag, depending on who you ask!) is a tag attached to the outside of a garment or merchandise. It’s not a part of the merchandise, but is something that is usually removed before use. Hang tags can contain a personalized logo, as well as readily accessible information about the product (such as size, care instructions, materials used, etc.). Hang tags are usually cardboard, but some other materials have been seen as well. It is usually attached to the product via a string, thread, or plastic adjoiner.

what are folded hang tags used for?

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Most items being sold in a retail setting include a folded hang tag. They are used for branding, marketing and relaying information to potential customers. Information such as a logo, sizing, product information, pricing, a mission statement and social media platforms are examples of what can be displayed. They can also be designed to be used as personalized gift tags. 

– Clothing tags have a lot to do with brand recognition and help customers remember your products. Design your own and set yourself apart from your competitors! 

Custom folded hang tags can also be used as gift tags. Many of our customers have created customized gift tags to accompany gift wrap, floral arrangements and even goodie bags. They can easily be personalized with a picture or a message like “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas”. We also stock pre-designed hang tags for certain holidays to make ordering even easier. 

What should be on a folded hang tags?

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Your custom hang tag should be eye-catching and relay information which is important to your customer. Consider what your customer is looking for: brand recognition, price, size, material composition or a special feature about the product. 

Tips on what you can include in your hang tag design:

– Your brand name or logo: This helps with brand recognition and marketing.

– Mission Statement or Tagline: Let your customers know what is important to your brand.

– Point of Contact: Include your website or social media accounts.

– Product Information: This can include a description, a special feature, size, material composition or size.

– Call to Action: Ask your customer to tag you on social media or participate in a giveaway.

– Care Instructions: Sometimes a quick guideline on how to care for the item is important.

Best practices for designing folded hang tags

When designing a tag, there are a few things to consider about content. First, you might want to include clothing size, color, price, and even social media tags. Hang tags can come in different formats depending on how you want to market your brand. You can include a short business summary on the back, or perhaps care instructions. Some simply show a clean back logo, while others include details that might not otherwise be included in the woven label. Tags are not only part of the customer experience, they also add “sparkle” to any clothing or product. Your design is what customers care about most when making a purchase decision, so make it eye-catching and memorable! In addition, consider our name brand and clothing price tag.

custom folded hang tags

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Every great product has a great folding tag. We offer custom tags that will compete in any market today. These luxury tags add a beautiful look to any packaging, gift, or item you’re selling. Hanging in a beautiful string of your choice, these folded tags catch the eye and leave a pleasant impression. You can design the look by choosing your favorite paper, size, color, and even the size of the lines and holes. This allows you to print folding hanging labels that are unique to your needs and company.


Imagine all the possibilities of folding a tag. Whether you are considering ordering custom tags for clothing, gifts or any situation, these tags will come in handy. Read our impressive collection of amazing choices as you select the paper that folds the tag. Each paper has a thickness, and you’ll see the reference number (i.e. 14pt) and the coating (semi gloss or matte). Semi-glossy leaves are very shiny if you are looking for a glossy option. Matte means the paper is uncoated, allowing these to be folded over hanging labels to show the paper particles. This leaves a more rustic look, which customers like.

14PT Cover Semi Gloss is a sturdy and versatile coated stock that works well with ballpoint pen writing. The 16PT cover semi gloss is very durable and the gloss of the paper shows a vibrant color. 14PT cover matte is one of our uncoated options, which is a pleasant choice for retail hanging labels as paper allows for writing. 16PT cover matte light is another coating option. For uncoated paper, we recommend using the least amount of ink so that the paper itself can be displayed. Want something thicker and more textured? 17.5PT Cover eggshell ultra white texture luxury. This is one of our higher-end paper options. The 16pt cover finesse is a single-layer option, but it still allows density. 17PT Cover Royal Sundance Felt Ultra White exuded a felt-like texture. If your design is more minimalist, this paper is for you. Finally, our 14PT cover star dream metal crystal white with full color or black ink printing. When you touch it with your hand, you can see a subtle pearly glow. Don’t be limited by the paper choices you see here, though. Browse through all our paper stocks, find grains and see what you want.


Folded tags need not be of a standard shape. Hover over each shape option to see pictures of different shapes that can be selected from it. We offer :2 x 2 “,2 “x 3.5”,2.5 “x 2.5”,3 x 3 “. Whether you order clothing tags or other use tags, we are sure you will find the size you like. If you are still looking for the perfect size, you can always contact us for custom quotes for custom sizes.


Now that you have arranged the color and paper inventory options for your folding tags, add features to make the tags more unique. We offer special colors such as bronzing and foil. This is a process where we use heat to permeate certain parts (possibly text or logos) of the foil color of your choice. Imagine information, price or product name standing on a pleasant white background while clean, silver, foil letters shout from the surface. What influence! White ink printing is a modern technique that can give any product a classic look. Letterpress and flat is a method in which we compress text or logos to add an indent effect. The effect caught on. It’s pleasant, but doesn’t disturb the surface on the back of your tag. Digital foil is a modern technique that uses lasers to infuse your tag with a variety of colors. Finally, die-cutting is a fun and unique way to add personality to your folded tag. To match a company logo or a specific theme, you can cut your tag into the original shape of your choice. Maybe it’s a heart, a cowboy boot, or even an animal. Die cutting is infinite.

Each feature highlights a specific area of your folded tag and adds fun and elegance to your folded tag

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