How does our factory make unsurpassed good woven labels

How does our factory make unsurpassed good woven labels

1. First of all, clothing brands need to design a complete set of clothing accessories according to their own clothing style. This includes woven labels, design drawings are very important.

Because basically we are according to the design to produce.

2. For a professional and responsible manufacturer of woven labels. We will fully communicate with the customer after receiving the design drawing to learn more information.

For example: what clothing is this woven mark used on? What is the style of clothing? What is the market for clothing? High-end market or low-end market?

3. After a full understanding, we will combine our expertise to develop 2-3 different quality reference projects for customers. In this link, we need to develop actual samples. For woven labels, the difference can only be seen by comparing actual samples.

4. We need to check each woven mark after production. 100% pick out defective products. Packaging after quality inspection is also very critical. Except for the weave marks that are too small. Therefore, we need to arrange the woven labels one by one, so as to reduce the crease caused by extrusion of woven labels in the process of packaging and transportation.

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