how to make clothing tags?–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

how to make clothing tags

What material are clothing tags?

Give the clothing you design and build a professional touch by adding tags and labels.

How do you make paper tags for clothes?

Clothing labels give that final professional finishing touch to your sewn garment. They are a necessity if you are selling the sewn articles to others. I sometimes make these labels with my kids’ names on them as a sort of identification on their clothes. They also proudly mark the clothes sewn by me as my own. 

how to make clothing tags
how to make clothing tags

How do you put labels on clothes?

Folded labels cannot be attached with adhesive.  They must be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine, there is currently no other way.  

how to make clothing tags with cricut maker

One of my favorite finishing touches to a handmade garment is a personalized tag. I’ve seen all kinds of beautiful DIY versions, like overstitched fabric scraps, screenprinted bits, and even just special ribbon loops.

I’ve also recently come across lots of label producers who are offering small minimum orders for professional looking woven labels.

Since I love a good DIY fix (and find most woven labels very itchy) I thought I would share my favorite tag making method, using ribbon or fabric and stamps!  

The process is very straightforward.Get stamps, stamp on ribbon or fabric.Set with iron and sew in!

how to make clothing tags
how to make clothing tags

custom labels for clothing

Other than your business information and logo so people can order from you; another popular thing to do is use the label to raise awareness about your product line and tell your story.

Many custom designers of baby clothes recognize not every family can afford to buy what they offer; however, their customers all LOVE the idea that part of their proceeds go to benefit charitable organizations that directly help the children. If this is a passion of yours as well; the label is a great place to share your vision.

how to make clothing labels with cricut

Although not necessary, you can mix both methods, first iron them on and then sew them into place. However, you have to be careful and make sure your item is not made out of a fabric that is heat sensitive, or you will risk to damaged it with the heat from the iron.

how to make clothing labels with embroidery machine

how to make clothing tags
how to make clothing tags

where to buy labels for clothing

how to make hang tags for clothes

diy fabric labels without a printer

Since handmade items are often made with premium fabrics, they are already providing comfort and durability far beyond the quality of their mass-produced counterparts. The added feature of a professionally designed Custom Woven Label can do nothing but enhance your one-of-a-kind item.

how to make tags for handmade items

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