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Human beings live in a colorful world, and color is closely related to human daily life. Many color words are favored by many businesses and are often used as trademark words.However, color words not only translate the physical attributes of color nature, but also reflect the social attributes and the characteristics of The Times.In different national cultures, the cultural psychology expressed by the same color and the different associations caused have different cultural connotations.

Therefore, color words are an important topic in clothing brand translation.This article plans to see the translation of clothing brands named after color words from the perspective of cultural differences for readers

Symbolism of Eastern and Western colors

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Color symbol is the main spiritual content and basis for the use of color by all Eastern and Western ethnic groups

In different periods, color can reflect the cultural, historical, political and other social features of a certain nation, and has a strong characteristics of The Times.

However, due to the differences in the natural environment, geographical location, ethnic origin and religious belief, there are naturally certain differences in the color view of nationalities.

The color symbol of China is based on the spontaneous rationality of China, which is the symbolic significance of color with the universe as the main body.

The Chinese people incorporate the phenomenon of nature, the change of the seasons, the orientation of the five elements, the colors of the emperor, the color choice of the emperor’s annual costumes, and the philosophy of the unity of things and things

Color words in clothing trademark words

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The author selected 50 representative Chinese clothing brands from Baidu and Taobao for analysis, and found that the color words indicating color in the clothing trademark language are mostly concentrated on “red”, “green” and “blue”, and other color words indicating color are also black and white

. In folk customs, red is a symbol of wealth, festival, auspicious and prosperity, which represents the beautiful side of life, which is very in line with the Chinese people to avoid evil, and has naturally become a popular morpheme that businesses choose when creating clothing brands

There are many brands with “red” in the trademarks, such as red dragonfly, red spider, red shirt beauty, crimson heart, etc.Children’s clothing brands did not choose “black”, “white” color words, but choose the bright color of “red”, “green”, “blue” and other color words for the clothing brand name, in order to meet the different needs of consumers of different ages.

Translation of the clothing trademark words

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Although the understanding and feelings of the British nation of nature is generally consistent, but due to the customs, geographical location, way of thinking, religious belief, national psychology and other cultural background and language expression differences, all kinds of colors for different nationalities in the psychological association, symbolic significance, contains meaning is not the same

To cater to translation culture

Trademark name as a symbol has some common characteristics in the publicity of products, but the diversity of various ethnic cultures adds personality to these common characteristics, which makes it possible as a taboo to bring a thing popular for one culture to another culture

Because of different cultural backgrounds, different ethnic groups have different understandings of color: Brazilians avoid green, European and Americans avoid black, purple, Belgians avoid blue, Turkish avoid color, Japanese national kimono need not be green, because green is regarded as a fierce omen by the Japanese, easy to cause people’s pain

Products to go to the world, must enter the country and ask the customs, entry and taboo

Considering that the emotional color of different cultures to the same thing may be different, the translator should know more about the cultural factors in the translation process, consciously adapt, and reproduce their emotional color.

What is rademark

Trademark is a symbolic symbol of clothing, symbolizing corporate reputation, concept and culture, has become a artistic language and special medium of visual recognition [1], is an integral part of clothing goods

At present, clothing trademarks are generally classified according to the use and use of raw materials, and can be divided into underwear trademark and coat trademarks. The former requires thin, small, soft, and comfortable to wear, while the latter is relatively large, thick and straight.According to the trademark use of materials, can be divided into cloth logo, paper trademark, leather trademark and metal trademark

Clothing trademark production methods, uses, materials, such as computer weaving, wood spindle weaving and crochet weaving, printing printing and screen printing, flexible printing, digital printing and printing, etc

According to Article 8 of the amendment of the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, any visible sign that can distinguish the goods of a natural person, legal person or other organization from the commodities of other people, including text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional logo and color combination and the above elements, may be applied for registration as a trademark.The International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property Rights defined the following as “A mark is used to distinguish the goods and services provided by individuals or collectives”

Weaving standard

The woven logo is made of yarn of various components, resistant to washing and high temperature resistance, mostly using 100% polyester weaving, bright color, below 160℃ does not fade.

Weaving logo is mainly divided into two categories, one is cutting edge logo, the other is weaving edge logo, according to the weaving logo density, different color, divided into white flat, black flat, white satin, black satin and half satin, different types are different, production technology is different, texture effect and application value is also different.

Manufacture of woven targets

According to the production machine is divided into computer machine loom, wood spindle machine loom and crochet loom 3 categories.

Computer machine weaving standard

On a dedicated computer-controlled high-speed loom (such as a West German machine), it is woven like weaving, and then cut into strips according to the width of the trademark

Closure weaving standard

The woven logo is woven from the loom, and its edges are wrapped.

If the latitude yarn is the same color from beginning to end, it is connected together and feels soft.

There is a plane and satin of the point, generally made into a satin mark, but the satin background color is difficult to express, commonly used hot color, dyeing and other processes to achieve,

Application of mark weaving

Computer weaving standard is widely used, its technology is more advanced, fast manufacturing speed, flexible postprocessing, can be eager, ultrasonic and laser laser cutting, or add lock edge, back glue and magic stickers, etc., can be used to produce different specifications, colors, grades of trademarks according to customer requirements

The crochet woven fabric is fine, full and thick in texture, tight in surface, and more than 10 color changes.

The weaving content is clear, due to high density, the Logo is clearer, rough pattern, smooth edge amplitude, prominent font and special effects.

Wood spindle machine weaving logo is used more before the emergence of computer weaving.

This logo is exquisite and elegant, smooth surface, soft and delicate, good quality. It can be used for underwear, shirt and other personal clothing, but also for high-end clothing, but low production efficiency, difficult to maintain, large loss and high cost

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