How to Remove Pillows Labels

Have you ever noticed the labels on your sofa or pillow and wondered why they’re there? These labels are often referred to as “legal labels”. Local regulations require pillow manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers to label their products. Legal labels should include information on materials, country of origin, flammability, care instructions, translation, etc. This educates consumers about buying and ensures that they are receiving the quality of products they have come to expect.

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What is a pillow labels?

Any textile used for sleeping or sitting and all soft furniture with hidden fillings (e.g. mattresses, pillows, duvets, cushions, sofas, etc.) must bear a legal label. These warning labels require manufacturers to use all materials in their products and whether they are new or recyclable fibers. Even for different brands, the size, font and content of these labels are standardized and regulated by law, so most of them look similar.

Legal labels are separate from branded care labels that you normally see on textiles. The labels don’t replace washing instructions on the clothing, so they should still be attached to another label somewhere else. The legal label may have the brand name on it, but it will be simple and without any stylization.

Can I remove the legal label from the shipment?

Legal labels and any warning labels are usually large and, depending on where they are placed, can be particularly annoying to lie on. Because of this, they can be deleted by you, but only if you’re a consumer. These labels are meant to protect consumers from unwanted materials hidden in the product, so once you’re sure you’re perfectly happy with it, you don’t need to continue using them.

All purchases should come with these labels, so make sure they are still firmly attached when you buy pillows, quilts, mattresses or sleeping bags. They are the best proof that the product is unused and in a new state. If you buy something with a warranty, be sure to check with the store first; removing the label will not invalidate the warranty, as in some cases you may need to keep the label like a receipt.

How to Remove Labels From Decorative Pillows

1、Hold the label tight with one hand. Using a pair of sharp embroidery scissors, cut the label as close to the seam of the pillow as possible without damaging the fabric. Cut straight from the label. If there is a second label, tighten and cut in the same way. This removes most of the labels, but leaves some signs that the labels have been glued or stitched.

2、If you want to remove all labels, place the ripper under the stitches closest to the label. Carefully cut off each stitch along the seam. Tightly woven fabrics are not easily damaged. However, if you are removing stitches from loosely woven textiles, such as hosiery or chenille shoes, gently lift each stitch before cutting the stitches to make sure no fabric is caught by the thread opener. This will remove the label perfectly without leaving an unsightly mark.

3、Sew the pillow with a flat needle. Start with a stitch, pass through the stitch, and tie a knot at the end. About 1/4 inch before opening, thread the needle through the thickness of the fabric to the other side. From 1/16 to 1/8 inch from the first push, push the needle through the fabric and continue to do so until the pillow is closed about 1/4 inch past the opening. Reinforce the last stitch at least five times before cutting the needle and thread to make sure the manual stitches are firm.

Alternatively, you can sew the pillow with a less tidy slide needle, essentially closing the opening by quickly winding the thread through it.

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