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Top 10 ribbon tag baby blanket–The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

ribbon tag baby blanket

Why do babies like tags on blankets?

Most kids have some sort of lovely, blanket, or soft toy that they insist on carrying around and/or sleeping with. … Babies and toddlers love rubbing the tags, and which can help them feel safe as it can decrease their anxiety and increase comfort which in turn can help them self soothe and fall asleep with ease. ribbon tag baby blanket

What is ribbon tag blanket?

A tag or ribbon blanket is a small baby blanket that is bordered with loops of ribbon that are easy for a baby to hold. Anyone who has watched a child drag their favorite toy or doll around by the tag knows the way a child grabs onto something that is the perfect size for their hand.

What kind of blanket is safe for babies? 

A cellular cotton blanket is an ideal choice. They allow baby to keep warm but enable air flow and should baby end up in the situation of the blanket covering their face, the blanket by design has holes for air to flow. Fleece bedding and sheepskins are not recommended as they can cause baby to overheat. ribbon tag baby blanket

How to Make a Ribbon Tag Blanket as a Baby Gift

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when sewing this baby blanket is that it’s a fun way to use materials with different textures and colors. This will help create a fun feel, as well as an easy way to use some of the funky fabrics you might be lying around in. You can also make a homemade baby tag blanket for your pet. It’s the perfect size for a small dog or kitten, and we all know how much they love snuggling up to something warm and cozy.

Learn how to make small blankets with colorful ribbon labels. Ribbon label blankets, sometimes called “Lovely” or “Tagger” blankets, come in a variety of textures that babies love. These lovers work as a security blanket. Because they are small, they are easy to carry anywhere. Soft fabrics, ribbons and textures are soothing to children. It can also challenge a toddler or child in sensory processing so they can feel different textures.

There are plenty of options for soft and textured fabrics, and plenty of ribbons and embellishments to choose from. You can make unlimited combinations of these lovely ribbon label blankets!

It doesn’t take long to sew a ribbon label blanket. This project also makes a great beginner to sewing projects for kids. While it’s best for kids over 10, younger kids may enjoy this program, depending on their skill level.ribbon tag baby blanket


Fabric and Materials

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  • Two coordinating 1 yard cuts of flannel fabric, or other soft, baby friendly fabric. Cotton gauze would work well and be very trendy! I don’t recommend minky, but mostly because I don’t like minky, I think it’s sweaty and the weird stretch of it would make it difficult to work with for this particular project. But you do you, haha.  
  • 4 yards total of coordinating ribbons. I use four different ribbons, 1 yard each. You can do all the same ribbon if you want, or two ribbons, or whatever. I use varying widths from 5/8” to 2”. Avoid too skinny of ribbons, as you don’t want babies to be able to get their fingers twisted up in them. I usually choose my fabrics first, then take it to Hobby Lobby with me to choose the perfect ribbons.  

Pin on the ribbon

  • Lay flannel flat on the work table.
  • Fold a ribbon in half.
  • Align the folded ends of each ribbon to face the edge of the blanket (this is the way a circle is formed on the finished blanket).
  • Fasten the ribbon with a pin.
  • Separate the ribbon evenly along the edge and continue to wrap around each side.

Sew the Ribbon Tag to the Blanket 

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  • Secure the ribbon in place and machine a 1/4 inch margin along the edge of the fabric.
  • When you sew ribbons, do it very slowly to make sure they stay in place.
  • Remove each needle from the sewing machine before it reaches each needle.
  • Sew the whole blanket together.

Sew the Blanket Together

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  • Place the webbing label fabric right side up on your work surface.
  • Place another piece of throw pillow fabric right side down over the ribbon lace fabric.
  • Align the edges as much as possible, then staple the two layers together.
  • Using a 3/8-inch seam, sew the entire edge of the blanket.
  • Leave a 4-inch wide opening for turning the blanket to the right.Back needle at beginning and end.


Before you flip the blanket right side out, trim the corners. Make sure you do not cut through the stitching. Trimming reduces the bulky corners of your blanket.

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