how to sewing clothing labels personalized : The Ultimate FAQ Guide update 2022

sewing clothing labels personalized

custom sewing labels for handmade items

We are familiar with the joys of making handmade items.

 We enjoy knitting, crochet and quilting and add our finishing touch with a custom fabric label. 

Our large range of personalized labels will give your unique creations and crafts a polished finish. 

Whether you want to add a “made by” or “handmade by” tag to your creations and other homemade projects, our fabric labels are perfect. 

 sewing clothing labels personalized
sewing clothing labels personalized

how to make sewing labels

We have attractive sewing labels, iron on woven labels and iron on satin labels which are very easy to apply to many different types of fabric.

Our customers love the variety of labels we offer and also like our low cost and low order minimums.

woven sewing craft labels

Our craft labels and hobby labels are the perfect way to give that professional, personal look to your knitwear, sewing, teddy bears and any craft items. 

Find your perfect arts and hobby label in our collection of woven craft labels. Woven and printed labels are available. 

We also have a huge selection of background and lettering colors, motifs and lettering styles that will allow you choose and design your own personalized woven sewing labels for your craft project! 

We also provide celebration ribbon, ideal for weddings, birthdays, christenings and any special occasion to personalize your gifts and favors.

 Our woven wedding ribbon is available in a wide range of colors and lettering styles with an excellent selection of designs to choose from. 

Order your perfect personalized ribbon now! 

 sewing clothing labels personalized
sewing clothing labels personalized

personalized satin sewing labels

Embroider your own label

Depending on the type of sewing machine you have, and what you are making labels for there are several different options.

 My sewing machine has several letter fonts so I can embroider a word logo and it has some decorative stitches that I can use to decorate it. 

I can embroider on twill, ribbon or fabric to make labels.

If you have a proper embroidery machine, you can make some beautiful labels,

If you’re making quilt labels, there are plenty of tutorials on how to make hand-embroidered labels.

 Make your own hand embroidered quilt labels and quilt stories for simple hand embroidered labels that only use reverse stitches, so no major embroidery skills are required.

custom sewing labels for handmade items

sewing clothing labels personalized
sewing clothing labels personalized

personalized sewing labels for quilts

Ways To Use Custom Quilting Labels 
You’ve put so much care into every piece and stitch that makes up your quilt. 

Show that same care by creating a personalized Quilting Label to compliment your creation.

 Here are some ways we’ve seen people use quilting labels on their projects: 

Branding logos for retail or wholesale 
Quilt maker’s name for gifts, fundraisers, or charity 
Care instructions to ensure the quilt’s longevity 
Name of quiltmaker and year of completion for preservation 
Occasion for making the quilt 
And more! 

sewing clothing labels personalized

sewing clothing labels personalized
sewing clothing labels personalized
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