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How to understand the “Silky” and “soft” feeling of woven label

How to understand the “Silky” and “soft” feeling of woven label

There are often customers who cannot accurately express the effect they want.

This happens to me all the time. Clients always say. I want a smooth labels, or I want a soft labels. After a detailed chat with the customer, I asked some information about their products. I knew what the customer really wanted.

Satin labels are usually satin labels. Satin labels feel very smooth. But not soft. Satin labels are commonly seen on women’s dresses. For example, neck labels such as skirts and sweaters are often used by satin labels.

Soft labels made on damaks labels almost. How to make labels feel soft like ba

by skin? This is very high for our material, density, engineering master requirements. The yarn must be 30Denier with a weft density of 120 or more. This will make the labels soft.
In fact, any material woven Labels can achieve high-end quality. Either satin Labels or Damask Labels. The real best labels should match our products. Which quality suits our product best?

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