How to use a simple way to identify the quality of a woven label?

How to use a simple way to identify the quality of a woven label?

1, look at the density, the higher the density, the finer the yarn used, the smaller the space between each yarn. The whole labels feel soft. If the hand feels hard, the density must not be very high.

2, to see whether the surface will be transparent. Some use light background + dark content. Color penetration is easy. When high-quality woven labels meet this color matching, we always add one more layer to the background part, that is, double weaving.

3, look at the edge of the cutting process. It is impossible to have burr on the edges of good woven labels. The edges must be smooth and soft. Common woven label’s edges make by heat cutting, good woven label’s edges are ultrasonic cutting

4, check the fold part, good quality must be neat creases, symmetrical. It must not be uneven KSTHL Labels, founded in 2003, is engaged in development ,production and sales as one of the clothing woven label company. Our company is located in quanzhou Fujian Province, which is China’s brand capital. With excellent technology, modern management ,operation mode and good reputation, our company has become the leading enterprise of the local label market in 10 years.

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