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Woven designer  size labels

Are you a designer looking for the perfect finishing touch to your branded textile products? Then take a look at the perfect label – lanyards for your custom woven designer label. Our designer fabric labels can be customized to fit your exact design specifications, from sizes, colors, shapes, images and text to perfectly compliment your brand image and the garment itself, KSTHL is definitely your best choice, here we have the best team and the best quality service.

The importance of high quality labels in fashion garments

Clothing manufacturers are aware of the importance of high quality brands in any fashion they produce. Unique pieces offered by top designers are often classified as iconic pieces that do not require a label or brand. However, in the highly competitive fashion clothing industry, often the clothing label inside the clothing is the way consumers identify their favorite brands. Perfect Label – Lanyard offers top class woven labels, hang tags and fabric labels needed by fashion brands.

We produce a large number of custom woven labels, including 100% polyester and 100% cotton woven labels. All high quality finished products allow you to promote your brand on many different products in a stylish and economical way. Our minimum order for woven polyester labels is 500pcs woven polyester labels.

Woven size labels

A size label, sometimes called a size label, is a knitted label used to indicate the correct size information in clothing retail. These labels are designed as circular folds or under custom woven labels.

These are woven size labels, not printed labels. The woven label has good color resistance and wash resistance. Our woven labels are made of ultra-fine thread that creates soft, non-irritating edges when in contact with the skin.

Custom woven size labels

We produce custom woven dimension labels that are completely customized to your brand design artwork. Our custom woven size labels are made from fine thread to achieve high quality ultra soft fabric labels; The finished product has no irritation in contact with skin. We offer short term custom woven size labels produced at reasonable prices. You can have custom size labels in any color, any size, any shape. As long as you contact us and tell us what you need, we will finish it with high quality in the fastest speed.

Cotton size labels

These are 100 % natural cotton fabric size labels. They are soft, lightweight, and smooth against your skin. 

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Print garment size labels

Our garment size labels use a garment safety adhesive that provides a strong, yet detachable adhesive. This allows you to adjust as needed, and also allows customers to drop the sticker without hurting the garment.

Size labels produced in an eco-friendly fashion?

Our products are also safe for babies, so feel free to use their child products such as burp cloth, clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. We want to make a difference! In our view, every step in the right direction is important. That’s why our products are made from at least 50% recycled yarn. Some of our products are even 100% recycled (woven labels

in white and black, printed satin). If you care about the environment and animal life, we also offer a vegan leather option.

How to sew a size label onto clothes

Do you sew your own clothes or knit clothes and are looking for the right size tag? We have sewing labels of various sizes for you. Here, you can choose from sewn labels in a variety of international size standards, including child, infant and adult size labels, labels in a variety of background colors, and even ready-made sets of labels. They are not only easy to adhere to, but also a necessary material for making clothes. After all, every piece of clothing — handmade or not — should have a size tag!

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