In the previous several videos, I have focused on anti-counterfeit yarn woven marks.

Why do I attach so much importance to anti-counterfeit woven marks? Anti-counterfeit woven mark has the following characteristics: cheap price, easy to use, versatility。

Because at present, for clothing, shoes, hats, some conventional products the most suitable anti-counterfeit way is this woven label.

No matter where you sew the woven label will play an effective role in identifying authenticity. Washable, durable and colorfast. Our clothing itself needs woven marks as decoration.If it can also be used to prevent counterfeiting. Multiple functions.So that is waht we are lookig for . There are also many brands using chip anti-counterfeiting, in the tag embedded chip as anti-counterfeiting, that is too high cost.

Moreover, it can only be used as anti-counterfeiting, not as labels.Therefore, from my years of experience in the production of auxiliary materials and as a responsible supplier, I strongly recommend anti-counterfeit woven shipping marks.

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