Large sew on patches wholesale–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

large sew on patches wholesale

iron on patches wholesale

Pretty sure that you must have seen a few embroidery designs with soft and fuzzy fabric. That’s all thanks to the Chenille embroidery digitizing. Chenille is made from twisting together short yarns (silk + wool or cotton), giving it its characteristic softness and texture. Special care is taken regarding the yarn density while making designs with the help of Chenille digitizing

wholesale designer patches

Our soft PVC rubber patch can be used with or without Velcro backing as we reserve a swing groove at the border of the patch so that you can easily sew the patch onto the hat. That way, you can have the ultimate flexibility in the image on your baseball cap. PVC patches are waterproof and weatherproof, so they will last for years, making them an excellent choice for outdoor gear.

This patch style adds a lot of size and depth to the design and is perfect for moderate detail for a logo or patch design. Almost every patch detail is customizable, from shape to colour, size, and shape, making it a great option to explore your creativity.

wholesale custom patches

Looking for hats with patches? We offer thousands of hats that can be embellished or customized with your logo. Designing begins with an idea. From that idea, our professional staff will work with you to transform your design, ensuring all the pieces will translate beautifully onto the hat. We’ll offer tips and insights into the best ways to craft your designs and keep your ideas at the forefront of the entire production process. This way, the finished product will be everything you imagined and more.

wholesale patches

Great for designs with very small details. Matte thread colors give them a special look and feel. No jump-stitching so your small text will look clean and legible.

Large sew on patches wholesale
Large sew on patches wholesale

wholesale biker patches

Embroidered patches are a traditional way of promoting teams and companies. Once available mainly to the military, today they are used to promote numerous organisations, societies and ideas all over the world. Due to affordable prices and customers’ friendly order system, our custom embroidered patches are now available to everyone.

vintage patches bulk

If you’re thinking of adding new lines to your current online store, why not consider embroidered patches? Patches have made a come back since their 90s heyday and now, you can create unique designs that can be attached to all kinds of fabrics. If you want to get on board with the custom iron-on patches trend, we have you covered.

At KSTHL Labels, our experienced team have worked with brands across the globe to create unique patch designs and our easy to follow design process will have your patches created in no time. Our embroidered custom patches can be produced with either an iron-on backing or a non-adhesive backing, with a choice of colours to make sure your designs are 100% right for your shop.

bulk patches for jackets

Embroidered patches (custom embroidered patches) are as named embroidered thin thread onto a fabric.They are made with thicker thread (when compared to woven patches), it might looks messy when you contain too much information and detail in a small patch. However, they have a classy,vintage and traditional look.It can be done with or without embroidered patches.The price are vary from the percentage that cover on the fabric. It can be done with iron-on backing which saves you time from sewing.

Large sew on patches wholesale
Large sew on patches wholesale

wholesale patches for hats

Embroidered patches offer many uses and lend themselves to a wide variety of industries. Use custom embroidered patches to increase brand awareness, provide emblems for your club or organization, as tokens commemorating a special event or location, and so much more. Work with our talented team of artists to create the custom patches you crave. We design whatever you want, and offer endless color combinations and materials to choose from.

Large sew on patches wholesale
Large sew on patches wholesale
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