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How to DIY your ideas with leather label tag?

It’s fun to make your own clothes and accessories.What more special way to DIY your clothes than with a custom label?  What a simple thing!You can choose your favorite pattern or your name or even your personalized logo and measure the size they need to be used for different types of products.For example, clothes, hats, bags, headdresses, shoes and so on.Generally, snowflakes are used for glove accessories in winter and leaves for boot cuffs in autumn.Although snowflakes and leaves are used by many people, different people design different looks.Achievements are different when you make your own tags instead of buying a bunch of identical inventory tags.Use leather to protect the world environment.

We always have a lot of old sweaters or coats that got us through many winters.  But over time, they inevitably start to have holes and other imperfections.Now the society is always advocating environmental protection, recycling is conducive to protecting the world environment.So a lot of people like to reuse, recycle and upcycle.There’s no better way to transform your clothes than with leather tags or other patches. 

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Custom leather label tag

From jackets and jeans to bags, custom leather patches add a quality sense of identity to every garment.Create one that is unique to you or your organization. 

Our enthusiastic and experienced team creates the perfect custom leather patch for you!  All you need is an idea.We’ll do the rest for you!

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Fake leather label tag

We know that many of our customers are vegetarians, so they will not use real cowhide leather labels.Can’t they order the related leather labels?No, we have other options than real cowhide.TPU is, of course, the most common.

Suede leather is a good choice.For the suede leather,the muntjac is a class 2 protected animal, so we can’t use its real skin.What we now commonly refer to as suede material is a special leather processing technology, but the texture is similar.  It is an excellent material for leather, which is exceptionally tough and soft when tanned.It also has the characteristics of good effect, no pilling, good wrinkle resistance, and wide suspension.Suede is different from other leathers in that it presents a matte texture. 

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Why is there a leather label tag on the back of jeans?

Now, more and more people begin to study the wear, but the so-called fashion is always changing in a blink of an eye,the only one that still goes out of fashion after 100 years is jeans,jeans are the most commonly worn pants in our life, not only very comfortable, but also wear-resistant and dirty-resistant, how to do not fear But do you know why there is a leather logo on the back of jeans?What is it used for?  For women who have a good figure, a pair of skinny jeans is the perfect way to shape your body and look stylish and sexy.And for women with certain body flaws, a pair of jeans can also mask those flaws and highlight the good ones.As much as we love wearing jeans, there are some details we don’t quite understand.For example, there is often a large leather logo on the back of jeans, which is not very beautiful, but it is not known what it is used for.In fact, it all starts with the origin of jeans.In the 19th century, Levi’s officially invented jeans, and put a leather label on the back of the waist to highlight the brand, so that people can clearly distinguish when they buy jeans.But jeans became so popular that it was hard to imagine, with real and fake jeans flooding the market, that it was no longer possible to identify the brand by the leather label.But the leather label actually serves other purposes, such as securing your belt and preventing your pants from slipping off. 

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