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leather luggage tags personalized

genuine leather luggage tags personalized

Whether you’re taking a summer road trip or heading out on holiday travels, you’ve gotta tag that bag! It’s so easy to lose your suitcase in a sea of similar baggage, but it makes it so much easer (and way more fun) to spot your suitcase if you’ve got a one-of-a-kind luggage tag. This no-sew leather project is sturdy, beautiful, and totally customizable. It’s a simple project that comes together in no time, so you can get on the road!

luxury leather luggage tags personalized

Genuine leather tags in fun colors add a little extra to your knit and crochet garments! These are fully customizable, choose an image or text and the color of your liking

leather luggage tags personalized
leather luggage tags personalized

leather luggage tags personalized near me

Though it may seem small, a luggage tag is a must-have when traveling. From helping you spot your nondescript black bag in the endless sea of nondescript black bags on the carousel to making sure your suitcase gets to your room after you and 20 other conference attendees just shared a shuttle bus from the airport, it’s the easiest way to keep track of your belongings on a trip.

leather luggage tags

Make your luggage stand out with personalized luggage tags for kids and adults. See how easy it is to create custom luggage tags with names, monograms, initials, home address, contact information and other custom details so you can easily identify your luggage and provide contact details in case it gets lost.

Our personalized bag tags are great for all travel needs and can be attached to backpacks, duffle bags, rolling luggage and other travel gear. They also make great gifts for graduations, retirement parties, weddings and engagements, back to school or end of school year for kids and many other occasions. Discover a wide variety of styles and unique designs including custom engraved wood luggage tags, monogrammed leather luggage tags, photo luggage tags, and more.

custom luggage tags

Choose your custom patch based on the size and shape of your logo you have created for your custom made design. Most custom leather patches are made from either real leather or from faux leather. Some patches can be sewn directly onto hats, but others can be heat pressed on to a hat without sewing. The outline or shape of your patch can be a custom as you like, but simpler shapes will allow you to have them sticthed on for a trully durable attachment.

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As our cheapest option, PU leather labels are for customers with the tightest budgets, but they’re the lowest quality when compared to genuine leather, and look and feel the least like the real thing.

best leather luggage tags

Give your suitcase a cheerful touch with this unique luggage tag! You can personalise the luggage tags with your own name or text. The leather luggage tags also have a handy slot where you can also add your telephone number or address in case your luggage or suitcase goes missing. With this unique luggage tag you are bound to find your suitcase or bag again among all the other luggage!

leather luggage tags bulk

leather luggage tags personalized
leather luggage tags personalized
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