material tags for clothing–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

material tags for clothing

What material is used for clothing tags?

Custom fabric labels with your name, brand or logo. Branding for your clothing, apparel and crafts. These laser cut labels are a great way to reinforce your brand on your garments. A must for professional designers and home sewers.

What are the tags on clothes called?

Garments labels are usually found on the left side of garments and are made of more than one layer. How can we read clothes washing symbols on fabric tags? It is worth knowing that there is a specific icon and several symbols for each procedure – washing, drying and ironing – providing detailed instructions. Thus, what we have is as follows:

Tub: among the symbols used about water washing, it may stand for both hand washing and machine washing;

Circle: it stands for professional dry washing;

Circle within a square: the classic symbol standing for a tumble drying on labels;

Lines within a square: it stands for open air drying;

Iron: it means the garment can be ironed;

Triangle: last but not least beach the way it appears on labels.

How do I make my own clothing tags?

Normally, in ready-to-wear items of clothing (not to be confused with any clothing that is made custom, is handmade or if you have some serious connections – haute couture) there are two tags. The smaller tag located on the inside of the top of the garment usually states the brand name, the fiber content (although not always) and possibly where the garment was made. If the tag on the top of the garment only states the brand name then chances are the rest of the information will be located on the second fabric tag.

material tags for clothing
material tags for clothing

How do you label fabric?

We custom high-density woven patches, which can clearly express the details of your logo. To some extent, the definition is closer to the printing effect. Moreover, not just HD details, our patches can choose any color, edge and backing options. So it can perfectly reproduce your personalized design. Besides, we have professional services, providing high quality, low price, and low minimum quantity orders. So that it can meet the needs of large and small businesses.

clothing label tags


+ Natural material, renewable source, breathable

– Water-intensive, prone to damage as natural, requires land, chemical-intensive

Organic cotton

+ Natural material, soft, no chemicals

– More expensive to produce, water-intensive, requires land

What is the difference between Tags and Labels?

Tags are ironed on or sewn on to a costume piece, accessory or soft goods (table clothes, curtains, etc.)  They are designed to be washed / dried / dry cleaned

Labels are self-adhesive stickers – they cannot be washed or dried

sew on clothing tags

material tags for clothing
material tags for clothing

fabric labels for handmade items

material tags for clothing
material tags for clothing

fabric brand tags

clothing label stamp

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