Mini Badge for a variety of products

The mini badge is customized according to individual idea.We produce high quality products for our customers, not only because we are professional and we only do high-end products, but also because most of the people who use this mini badge are customs enforcement and police agencies and high-end brands. 

We have a professional production team, we can meet your needs for mini badges, help you to produce perfect personalized mini badges.Vintage and sandblasted are also great choices for miniature badges. 

Mini metal badge 

Metal badges can be made of copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, four different materials made of this kind of metal lapel pin.Gold and silver plating can also be selected according to the design of the metal badge to give more value to the product. 

The metal badge can be customized in any shape and size you want.Mini metal badges can be placed in a nice gift box for easy storage. 

There are also mini metal badges used on purses and branded handbags. 

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Mini metal badge commonly used accessories 

Pins, butterfly clasps, magnetic clasps, flat top clasps and key chains etc 

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The use of mini metal badges 

Can be used for MEDALS, MEDALS and keychains, etc. 

Mini Badge
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Mini metal badge craft 

1. Electroplating process 

Use the simplest metal concave and convex to represent a badge.The concave can do frosted effect, the surface can be electroplated various colors.Suitable for commemorative badges. 

2. Baking paint process 

The surface is concave and convex, with clear lines, bright colors and strong metallic texture.Is the most commonly used badge making process.Suitable for all types of badges. 

3. Imitation enamel process 

Imitation enamel badge surface is smooth, the prominent metal grinding to achieve smooth surface, bright colors, can be plated gold silver.Suitable for all types of badges. 

4. Die casting process 

Three-dimensional die casting mold, can be matched with paint, imitation enamel process.Die – cast badge is a strong sense of three-dimensional, can also be applied to hollow badges.Suitable for all types of badges. 

5. Gluing process 

Printing glue-dropping process pattern complex, color gradient.The surface is covered with imported crystal and the base plate can be plated with gold and silver.  Suitable for all types of badges. 

Mini embroidered badge 

Except for the metal badge.The embroidered badge can also be used as a mini badge, and the back pin is attached, which is also a very delicate brooch design. 

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Mini Badge for a variety of products 9

Mini PVC badges 

The PVC mini badge is versatile and strong.The product has many uses, from outdoor equipment covers to coats, anything you want on your name or custom logo. 

Custom PVC patches are a great way to display your custom logo or company name.  Your patches can be made in 2D or 3D layers.Color is vibrant and fade resistant to anything.    

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Mini Badge for a variety of products 10
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