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With the improved standard of living, more and more attention is paid to the trademark name of the clothing category.

The fierce competition between foreign and domestic clothing companies and factories has forced them to spare no effort to take over a place in the clothing market.

Today’s trend of globalization and China’s accession to the WTO have made it more fierce competition among companies, and the translation of trademark names plays a crucial role in this competition process.A successful trademark name can stand out from numerous names and boost sales.Therefore, manufacturers also pay more and more attention to the translation of trademark names

Features of the clothing trademark name

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Clothing trademark name has many characteristics, such as uniqueness, easy to remember, articulability, originality, simplicity, resounding, and product characteristics and so on.Scholars have reached a consensus on the following characteristics: simplicity, originality, memorability, significance, and elegance


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Simplacy is one of the most important features of the clothing trademark name.A simple trademark name that is quickly identified, read out and remembered by consumers is the first step to be sold

Because of this, both clothing companies and manufacturers spare no effort to get a simple trademark name


The second important feature of the clothing trademark name is originality.Ingenuity means that the trademark name is original, novel, and different from other trademark names

The originality of the trademark name can distinguish it from many brands, thus attract consumers’ attention and increase sales.Novel trademark names can help to popularize their products, such as Seven Wolves (Septwolves), Playboy (PLAYBOY), Youyi (URNO.1), General (JL), Equation (EQUATION), Light (MINGJIE), and Belle (BeLLE)


Remembrability, the ability to be remembered.In clothing trademark names, memory ability means the ability of the trademark name to be remembered by consumers.

The success of a brand is first remembered by consumers, before it can increase consumer attention to consumers, thus increasing sales.Such as Peak (PEAK), graphics (TUOTU), baseball (B.T BOY), shoe cabinet (Shoebox), Giordano (Giordano), Eyunson (Eruner), and Edger (Annzo).


Significsignificance, the name of the trademark should be meaningful.When trademarks first appear in front of consumers, consumers associate the trademark name with its meaning.For example, “Jin Ba K-Boxing”, when consumers see this trademark name, will associate of men’s power, power, power and excellent quality.There are also many such examples, such as Kuken (Coocan), Rico (NICO), and the Hot Wheel (HOT WHEELS), etc.

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