personalized clothes tags labels–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

personalized clothes tags labels

How do I make my own clothing labels?

Whether you are a garment manufacturer, a designer, home sewer or crafter,KSTHL is the clothing labels expert. We can help you brand your products with clothing labels and hang-tags that will fit your needs and budget. We offer woven labels, fabric labels, sewing labels, mid-fold labels, iron-on clothing labels, sew-in labels, quilting labels, knitting labels, camp clothing labels, personalised ribbons and much more. What`s more, you can put your name, logo or images on your labels too.

How do I make my own shirt labels?

Our custom stick-on clothing tag labels are a great alternative to iron-on labels as they adhere to clothing tags without the need for any heat or extra tools– just peel and stick them on! With a super sticky adhesive material, your stick-on clothing tag labels will stick strong and be durable enough to endure wash cycles, drying cycles, and even outdoor activities, making them perfect for kids.

What are the tags on clothes called?

No more lost lunch boxes or lost gloves for kids with our custom tags!  Our personalized name tags help avoid bacterial confusion and lost and found.  No matter where your kids go — day care, school, summer camp, or sports — attach custom name stickers to their gear and bring it home.  For classification of label types, check out our name tag values pack camp, Day care, home, school, and clothing.  Starting with our fun name label designs, with many different patterns and prints, you can create everything from custom children’s clothing labels to day care bottle labels.  Best of all, our waterproof labels – for all dishwashers and laundry safety – will stick with them for as long as you need them.

personalized clothes tags labels
personalized clothes tags labels

How do you mark clothes for laundry?

Proper care for a garment is of course important. Without it, some clothes might rip, shrink, or the colours might run if the warning on the label isn’t adhered to. Some fabrics shouldn’t even be put into a washing machine and need special treatment like dry cleaning. Some materials react adversely to heat, and care and content labels will explain the correct temperature to wash them in, or if they are unsuitable for a tumble dryer. Knowing how to properly care for clothing means they will last longer, reduce the need to buy more items, and decrease the need for companies to produce more.

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personalized clothes tags labels
personalized clothes tags labels

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