Personalized cotton sewing labels–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

Personalized cotton sewing labels

cotton sew on labels-Personalized cotton sewing labels

Satin labels are made of a fabric that is smooth and has a glossy sheen. This type of label can be made from different materials, including nylon, polyester, and satin.
Our satin labels are made of polyester satin.
The satin fabric is woven in a way that gives it a lustrous appearance. It is often used for luxury products, as it gives them a high-end look. The downside of satin labels is that they can be difficult to read, as the glossy surface reflects light. They are also more prone to fraying and tearing than other types of labels.

Personalized cotton sewing labels
Personalized cotton sewing labels

organic cotton labels

Cottonera woven labels and name tapes have many uses. From the traditional laundry label to labels for your own handmade creations: They are always in two colors and you can order them in your desired length, choose between the sew-on or the iron-on version and much more. With our extremely precise configuration tool, your finished woven labels will be delivered to your door just as you imagined them.

woven cotton labels

Clothing labels may be small, but their environmental impact is anything but. KSTHL Labels make it easy to reduce your carbon footprint with our range of recycled polyester care labels and fashion-ready cotton labels.

Woven label

The size of your labels is vital to the style of the logo. It is important to determine what information you intend to put on your label before deciding on the size. If you intend to include many details, you’ll need an adequate amount of space. However, It is not advisable to put it onto your label. It can make them appear messy and even messy.

The quality of recycled and eco-friendly materials has vastly improved. The overall look and feel doesn’t always look flecked and feel grainy. Various finishes and colour applications can be applied to recycled material to achieve the look and feel that meets your brand quality.

Personalized cotton sewing labels
Personalized cotton sewing labels

printed garment labels

These labels are great because: you can print in FULL COLOR! You can use your logo, words, pictures, whatever. They are 100% washable and colorfast. Plus they look legit. Bonus: they are made in AMERICA because YOU make them.

organic clothing labels

Label prints are a great way to add extra value as well as get creative to promote your brand and business. When we remove the existing label we can re-label the t-shirts with your custom artwork inside the neck label. Popular items to include here are your logo, website, care/wash instructions, country of origin, and of course any artwork or text you would like to add!

hemp clothing labels

These iron-on fabric name labels would also work great for natural-fibered backpacks, pencil cases, blankets and more! For extra security, you could also sew around the label once it’s ironed on.

cotton woven label

KSTHL Labels can print up to eight colors on natural organic flat cotton and natural cotton twill, fashioning labels to pair with garments sourced from raw materials.

Sew on Custom Clothing Labels – Cotton Labels, Natural Cotton Label, White Cotton, Organic Cotton, Eco Friendly labels, Garment Labels.

Eco-Friendly Products Labelling

Ecolabel generally represents a holistic judgement, giving an overall assessment of a product’s environmental quality relative to other products in the same category.  In other words it is a claim which indicates the environmental aspects of a product or service. Environmental labels operate as informative and voluntary market instruments.

It’s a promising step towards a more standardised system for labelling across the industry, which will make it easier for customers to understand – and compare – information about the products they’re looking to buy.

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