Pet brand label

Pet clothing brand 

Many people like to keep pets and even regard pets as a member of the family.  Pet supplies market is bigger and bigger, the brand will echo.  Every year, more and more pet brands stand out from the competition.  Pet brand labels are particularly important.  Is an important factor in identifying the success of any pet clothing brand.  Pet collars, belts, clothes, blankets, etc., are stitched with pet brand labels. 

For pet dogs, tags are sewn on collars and blankets, and tags or patches are sewn on vests.  

Dog clothing label 

Different styles of clothing are produced according to different types of dogs, because some dogs are gentle and some are destructive.  Choose clothing labels with different materials according to your pet.  Here we have 3 main options that our customers prefer to order for dog clothing labels from brands: custom PVC labels, brocade woven labels and webbing. 

1. PVC label for pet dogs

Soft rubber PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is a flexible and strong material with great variability.  There are a variety of design schemes available, such as 2D and 3D layered styles, sculpted elements with various shapes.  This type of label is ideal for outdoor clothing or equipment such as dog coats, which are waterproof and weather-resistant. 

2. Damask label for pet dogs

Custom woven labels are still the first choice for pet clothing labels.  Damask Labels are soft, durable and washable.  Brocade labels use threads that are thin, high quality 50 denier threads that allow for tight weaving.  Satin labels and tags are recommended for intricate details and very complex designs.  High quality woven labels feel very soft and will give your products a professional impression.  Our customers, for example, order a large number of folded labels and woven stamps each year for use in pet products.  Woven shipping labels are sewn on pet clothes, pet blankets, pet collars, etc.  The woven patch is applied to pet toys. 

In addition to woven tags, printed tags are also an option. 

3. The ribbon for pet dogs

Webbing also fits the needs of the pet apparel market.  They are uncut rolls.  Webbing is not just used for pet collars.  Our clothing, such as pants, shirts, belts, coats and other different types of clothing are also used.  Can add an element of fashion. 

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