Update-2022 custom made patch for clothing,high quality woven tag for shirts


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custom made patch

custom made patch

Each product should be of high quality, in addition to professional technical means and the responsibility of every employee in the company.Raw materials and machinery are also crucial.KSTHL is extremely strict in the selection of raw material suppliers.

Each of the suppliers we work with is at the top of their field.To ensure that each batch of raw materials are 100% qualified.As for the production equipment, 100% of the core parts of the machine are imported from Italy.80% of the whole machine is imported from Italy, which ensure the quality of each clothing for sewing is guaranteed to reach the top quality。

There are different techniques for each clothing for sewing.The fold of clothing for sewing.Clothing for sewing that are used on different parts will have corresponding folds.There are four common clothing for sewing folding methods: end-fold, center-fold, one-side fold, Asymmetrical End fold, Manhatten fold, Miter fold, Longitudinal End fold.

The cutting of edges on the clothing for sewing is very important for the whole clothing for sewing.KSTHL company for each clothing for sewing’s edge cutting way all use imported laser cutting way.This ensures that every clothing for sewing’s edge is smooth and soft.

In this way: 1.the appearance of the whole clothing for sewing can be guaranteed;2.so that our clothing for sewing do not harm the skin, our skin will be removed with the friction, and will not itch and make people feel uncomfortable.

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custom made patch

Brand NameKSTHL
Product NameUpdate-2022 custom made patch for clothing,high quality woven tag for shirts
Place of OriginChina(Mainland)
Label Typewoven patch
Keywordcustom made patch
Backingpaper on
Edgemerrow border
DesignMade custom patch for you
ShipmentInternational Express Delivery(TNT,DHL,FEDEX etc.)

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custom made patch


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