New arrival fashional design woven high quality tag labels for clothing


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Plane label: such as fabric structure, simple once a latitude up and down interweave and called simple plane label.Generally speaking warp yarn is fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white, light color background standard, generally with white flat, dark people generally with black flat.The pattern and color of the cloth mark are mainly expressed by the filling yarn, and the color expressed will be different because of the effect of crossing the warp yarn.Since most machines are limited in the types of weft, the colors they can express are also limited, generally within 8 kinds.As can be seen from the above, the price component factors include: the width of the label, that is, the amount of warp used;The length of the label, and the length of each color along the warp direction.To express more detail and color, double all the weft yarns, called double-sided, and if a particular color needs more depth, add a second yarn, called a heavy shuttle.In addition to washing and size, most of the two – sided plane label.The cloth labels are all yarn to express patterns, which must be different from the original plane design. Therefore, it is impossible to make large goods without a sample.

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Brand NameKSTHL
Product NameNew arrival fashional design woven high quality tag labels for clothing
Place of OriginChina(Mainland)
Label Typemain label
Keywordclothing demask woven lables
FoldEnd fold
Designdior clothing
ShipmentInternational Express Delivery(TNT,DHL,FEDEX etc.)

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