What is the security woven label and the best role? -THE ULTIMATE FAQ GUIDE UPDATE 2022

security woven label

What is security anti-counterfeiting woven label?

Anti-counterfeiting – as the name implies, it is to prevent our products from being counterfeited and copied by others. As there are too many fake products in the market, it has caused a serious loss to the brand. It also causes huge losses to consumers. Therefore, many products use some anti-counterfeit labels to protect their products.

Anti – counterfeit woven label is also a high-tech product. Mainly used for clothing, shoes, hats, bags, or some textile products. Woven label applicable range itself is very wide.

The anti-counterfeiting woven label shared with you today is a relatively common product with excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. We use special yarns (security yarns) for some important parts. Advantages of anti-counterfeit woven labels:

1, durable,

2, washable,

3, never fade,

4. Never break.

5. It not only plays the role of anti-counterfeiting, but also is a fashionable decoration for our products.

6, the most important thing is that the price is not high, will not damage, cost-effective.

security woven label
security woven label

Anti-counterfeiting security woven label usage

Woven anti-counterfeit label is suitable for any textile products. It can not only play a role in security. But also played a decorative role in our clothing. Because we need woven labels for each garment. So woven anti-counterfeit label is a multi-functional standard.

Anti counterfeit woven label 13
security woven label

Anti-counterfeiting security woven label practical significance

For our company. We ourselves have many years of experience and advantages in some special products. We have many kinds of security materials. Today is one of them.

There are many kinds of security labels. There are electronic chips, I found that some international brands use electronic chips to prevent counterfeiting. Put an electronic chip inside the tag as a security measure. But that way the cost is too high, and can only play a single role in anti-counterfeiting. It is also very troublesome in the operation process. Therefore, woven anti-counterfeiting label is currently the most suitable, the most convenient, the best anti-counterfeiting effect of a product.

Anti counterfeit woven label 7 1
security woven label

The role of security anti-counterfeiting woven label

If you haven’t found a good way to protect your products from counterfeiting. I strongly suggest that you consider using woven labels. Create the most profitable value with the cheapest cost.

Woven anti – counterfeit label is your product lifetime protection shield.

Anti counterfeit woven label 18
security woven label
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