Sew on clothing labels nz–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

sew on clothing labels nz

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We have our own bespoke production process so these labels won’t fade or run when washed and we only use high quality satin ribbon. Most designs are available in white, cream , gold and silver ribbons which means they will stand out on your items and suit your products much more. There’s also both fold and flat versions of the same design so check out all the products before deciding to buy.

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Center fold labels are the labels that with extra 5-7mm seam allowance on the top and bottom and folded across the center. This allows you to ‘write’ the information on both front and back. Usually, logo & brand name on the front and care instruction or any other extra detail on the back.
– Finish: neat and elegant finish. This can be done without sewing line too
– Where to sew: usually sewn into seam for clothing or sewn into seam for products by sides
– How to sew : fold the seam allowance inward by hand and sewn on both left and right side directly
– Custom shape : No, only rectangular or square shape

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This is especially true for fashion brands.A beautifully designed label adds a sense of quality to a product.All the industry’s most prominent brands have iconic labels that show their superior quality.

sew on clothing labels nz
sew on clothing labels nz

fabric labels for handmade items nz

Used your machine to sew a straight stitch very close to the edge along all sides. You can also do this by hand for a similar look.

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Though heat transfer labels don’t give garments the practicality of hanging onto hooks, they have the advantage of the ease of application, while sewn in labels require some skill in … you guessed it … sewing. This can be a lengthy process, yet heat pressed labels are quick and easy, giving the whole garment a clean finish while still providing all the information needed on the label.

Printed labels are generally favoured when it comes to comfort as there’s no tag bugging the consumer wearing the apparel. Whichever method piques your interest, you’re bound to find one that suits you.

custom iron on labels nz

sew on clothing labels nz
sew on clothing labels nz

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