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sew on name labels singapore

Where can I make name labels?

These thin, flexible printed iron-on clothing labels are a no-nonsense solution to help keep track of your valuable clothes. Keep your child`s clothing out of the lost-and-found pile!

– Smooth to the touch. With rounded corners for comfort

– With photo, image or up to 3 lines of text

– Iron on easily using a household iron

– Can be safely washed and dried and will stay on wash after wash

– Comes with protective paper and clear iron-on instructions.

How do you iron a name tag on a school uniform in Singapore?

We are able to create customised garment labels that are unique to your brand. This includes professional finishing with custom designs and your company logo attached. We supply to a wide array of customers, ranging from big to small businesses, including dressmakers, retailers, tailors, handmade textile product makers, clothing companies and designers.

sew on name labels singapore
sew on name labels singapore

How do you label tags on clothes?

There are also lots of different kinds of satins: silk satins, queen satin, dutchess satin, crepe silk satins and polyester satins.The most popular as a printed garment clothing label or branding label is polyester satin.We have three basic types of satin clothing labels.The first is called woven edge satin.This type of satin has two ends that are cut and two ends that have a woven appearance.This label is super soft and pliable and this is by far the most common type of printed label material.The back of the label has a more matte finish look to it. And we can print on the back if you’re looking for a less shiny look.

How do I print name stickers?

Clothing labels may be a necessity, but they’re also an opportunity for designers to promote their brand. Your clothing label doesn’t just have to have technical information on it about materials and temperatures; it can be used as a platform for your brand identity. A great, recognisable brand builds trust with customers, encouraging loyalty, and can make the difference between success and failure of a company.

Clothing labels can show your logo, slogan, or a promise to the buyer. They can convey a message about your company’s commitment to sustainability or explain the eco-friendly manufacturing process of the garment.

Some brands use their clothing labels as a platform for humour, adding funny jokes or holiday wishes.

name label sticker

Great for promoting your business just add your company logo to your attire to maximize your brand awareness at your next trade show or networking event. We are also pioneer in pre-inked gel stamp. Tested and compliant with the Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3. You can also order your own iron-on sticker from us.

iron on name labels

sew on name labels singapore
sew on name labels singapore

clothing labels singapore

sew on name labels singapore
sew on name labels singapore

stickerkid singapore

personalised name label

name stickers for school singapore

iron on labels for clothing

name label for clothes

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