Personally sew on name tags for clothes–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

sew in name tsew on name tags for clothes

How do you sew a name tag on clothes?


Sew in labels which are personalized with a name (and perhaps room number or telephone number) are ideal for labeling valuable clothes as it helps mislaid items to be returned to their owner.

Sew in labels can be stitched onto clothing very easily, and can just as easily be removed if necessary.

Sew on labels are very durable and will go through a regular washer and dryer, and also withstand dry cleaning without any effect.

Sewing labels are often the only labeling solution for certain kinds of fabrics such as loose knit sweaters, shawls, etc., fleece items, and other fabrics which have a “fuzzy” or “linty” finish to them.

sew on name tags for clothes
sew on name tags for clothes

How do you make a sew in tag?

To machine sew – simply lay your pre-cut polyester sew on label flat onto your garment. Machine sew all around, with small, tight stitches. We have some photos on our sew on polyster page.  

To hand sew – use small, very tight stitches – if you have to hand sew the polyester labels. The material is quite tough, so you need a sharp needle. If the stitches are too large, they might pull through the material.  If you can only hand sew ( no machine ) we recommend you purchase the iron on and then put a hand stitch each side after ironing.

What are the best name tags for clothes?

Sewing name tags on clothes or school uniforms is a very slow method.  It takes a long time to successfully sew name tape or initials onto a piece of cloth or name tag.  You can try, but only if you’re good at sewing and have the right tools on hand (a sewing kit?).  Otherwise, those labels you laboriously stitched are likely to fall off in the first wash.  This will take you a long time!  

sew on name tags for clothes
sew on name tags for clothes

How do you tag your own clothes?

We offer many different types of labels that can be combined into mass produced products or handmade items.  We like to get to know our customers and their products.  We’ve made clothing labels for just about any item you can think of, from airplane seats, golf club covers, baby bibs, stuffed animals, shoes, hats, and of course any type of clothing or accessory.  Some of our best customers order small quantities of braided labels for hand braided or crocheted items. 

sew in name labels amazon

If you want a name on your uniforms, shirts etc., we have a very cheap solution, which will certainly cause a stir amongst your colleagues.

Our name tapes with velcro have your own text woven in, not embroidered or printed, so durability is high and the finish is in a class of its own.

iron on name labels for clothing

If you are looking for iron on name tapes for clothing then we can help. These iron name tapes are perfect for the start of a new school term or for an elderly relative that may be going into a residential home for a period of time.

sew on name tags for clothes
sew on name tags for clothes

personalised sewing labels

We offer sew in labels to order online today. You can choose from a large number of logos for boys, girls, teddies and animals. Some customers would like to use their own logo on the name label. If you want to use your own logo on the label,we are more than happy to put your logo on the label.

From an economical (cost) point of view, if you want a cheap label, choose the printed fabric label. If you want a high-end and luxurious label, it is recommended to choose a custom woven label.

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