Good products sewing woven labels on clothes-The ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

sewing woven labels on clothes

How do you sew woven labels on clothing?

The techniques may vary, but there are only 2 options, for attaching your labels to sweaters, shorts, pants, shirts, t-shirts, dress or whatever type of clothing line you be producing or planning to sell: hand sewing and machine sewing.

How do you sew on name labels?-sewing woven labels on clothes

First, there are two common woven labels: one that is sewn on the seam and the other that is sewn on the flat sheet of the fabric.  The first is something you often see on clothes you buy from a store. They usually have the size of the clothes, washing instructions, brand name and country of origin.  The second type of woven label is one that is folded left and right under and sewn onto the top of the garment or item.  This is a great label style that can often be added to already stitched items as they can be added to almost any piece of fabric.  

sewing woven labels on clothes
-sewing woven labels on clothes

machine to sew labels on clothing

Sewing labels is perfect to give your creations the final touch.At KSTHL Labels we have been producing high quality custom stitched labels for 16 years.With a large number of personalized stitched labels to choose from, you can be confident in knowing that you will find the right stitched label for your project.We can personalize your name on our woven sewing labels, or you can embroider or stamp on our vintage labels.Make sure everyone knows who made your piece by attaching one of our beautiful custom stitched labels to your project today. 

sewing name labels

Are printed on modern, high-quality printers meaning we can dispatch them in super quick time. The material is a fabric similar to our iron-on labels, meaning once they are sewn on they become silky smooth and are especially suitable for sensitive skin.

To order simply insert the name you want on the labels, choose your favourite image (or leave blank), select the colour and then decide on the quantity of printed sew-on labels you’d like to order.

sewing woven labels on clothes
sewing woven labels on clothes

sewing woven labels

Polyester sew on labels

This is a really great product. I bought them a few years ago to mark all the things my child wears to day care and they are great. They wash well and very hard wearing. I’ve even re-used a few of them picking them out of things he’s grown out of and sewing them into new things. This is the second pack I’ve purchased, for my second child.

how to sew labels on knits

Sewing labels is a timeless way to label clothes.Colourful, fully personalised woven labels are made in the UK.Solve lost property problems.The traditional way to label clothes: Sewn on name tags to make them durable.Choose from many different designs, colors and text styles. 

Woven label

Our woven tags are your traditional cloth label with the wording embroidered on them.  Made on our traditional looms, you get a top-quality label that has clear characters and numbers that don’t merge into each other but stand clearly on their own and are easy to read.

how to sew end fold labels

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of inexpensive sewing machines available today, except you can use an embroidery machine to automate the process, or even a special label sewing machine.  

personalised sewing labels

New trend – You will find on many baby sweaters, outerwear, t-shirts and pants that the labels are being sewn on the outside of the garment on all 4 sides. Enhancing the unique look of the garment and not bringing the label next to the babies skin.

sewing woven labels on clothes
sewing woven labels on clothes
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