size tags for baby clothes–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

size tags for baby clothes

What size are tags for clothing?

High quality all woven size labels made with high density damask for children apparels.  These woven tags are center folded and backside is blank.

How do you read baby clothes sizes?

While baby clothing sizes seem to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, there is one thing in agreement.  If there is only one age on the label, that is the maximum age the manufacturer expects your child to wear the suit.  In general, if the size label says “12 months,” you can read it as 9-12 months.  The same goes for clothes labeled “18 months.”  Plan your clothes from 12-18 months.  

size tags for baby clothes
size tags for baby clothes

How do you make labels for kids clothes?-size tags for baby clothes

First, we need you to accept the fact that all brands will vary, all babies will be different, and baby sizing charts may or may not be provided for you when and where you need them. Congratulations! You’re halfway there. Here are a few general tips and guidelines to shopping for baby clothing to help get you in the ballpark of an outfit or onesie that fits.

Is 12 months and 1T the same size?

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to throw European sizing into the mix. With e-commerce growing by leaps and bounds each year, it should be no surprise to shoppers that many brands use European toddler and baby sizing. The conversion from European to US sizing isn’t as concrete as you would like, but understanding the basics will help you select the proper baby and toddler clothing sizes.

tags for clothes

While the size marked on the label make it seem like it’s based on baby’s age, it’s really based on size. For example, “preemie” § usually fits babies up to 17 inches long and five pounds. “Newborn” (NB) represents an average baby at birth up to 21.5 inches long and five to eight pounds. Yep, “newborn” fits a wide range of sizes, so chances are your baby will fit into it at birth.

size tags for baby clothes
size tags for baby clothes

baby clothes size labels

If you’re buying clothes in this size, congratulations – this is the easiest size to find as it’s generally fairly standard across the board. It’s intended for babies between 6 and 12 months old, weighing up to 10kg and measuring 76cm.

baby clothes size labels for drawers

Pick fire-safe sleepwear. Labels on your baby’s sleepwear will show whether it needs to be worn snugly to be fire-retardant or if the fabric itself is flame-retardant. Flame-resistant fabrics have specific laundry instructions for you to follow to keep the retardant from washing away. In fact, this is one place where secondhand items may not be a good choice — if they haven’t been washed the right way, they won’t work as well.

printable baby clothes size labels

For babies between six and 12 months old (around 10kgs). Generally, this is the easiest size to find, as it’s fairly standard across the board. Clothing in this size, will get a good workout, as baby discovers the joys of crawling, eating (including self-feeding) and walking. Think comfy and durable clothing, our top pick for this age is  Buck and Baa.

wunderlabel size labels

If there is a range of months on the label e.g. 0-3 months, you can take that to mean the clothing should fit an average baby up to 3 months. So you want to look at the second number and use that as your guide for the upper limit. Remember it doesn’t matter if there is a bit of growing room in the clothing when you first put it on your baby. Don’t worry if it looks a little baggy!

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