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stitched labels custom

custom sewing labels for handmade items

If you’ve already designed a logo for yourself and your brand, custom sewing labels are a great option. Our uploader tools make it easy to add your logo to your custom sewing labels. Adding your own logo to your custom sewing labels allows you to make sure that your label truly reflects your brand and your vision. And if you’re still developing a concept for your logo and need some help, our designer tool comes with pre-loaded fonts, colors, and icons that you can use to develop the perfect logo for you and your label.

Woven label

Many garment manufacturers are now offering their products with tear away labels.

These labels are easily removed so that we can Print your Care Label inside.

In the event that we need to remove a sewn-in label, we snip the label off as close to the neck tape as possible, as a result there may be material remains but they are generally minor, unnoticeable, and fall out over time.

Our factory started up with Garment Label manufacturing; it is our specialty and we share this professional weaving knowledge with our customers.  We want you to be confident that your custom-made garment label is of the very highest quality, at cheapest & affordable price, and low minimum quantity requirement.

stitched labels custom
stitched labels custom

sewing labels for quilts

Our custom fabric labels are vital to finishing your brand worth it.  We realize that your label design will play a big role in how the market views your products.

personalized sewing labels amazon

Looking for an easy and stress-free way to create custom Clothing Sheet Labels? We have a wide assortment of fully customisable labels for clothing templates, including options with space for custom images, logos and more. Working with your own bespoke design? No problem – we’re ready with a design upload experience that lets you skip ahead and focus on the product choices that are relevant to you. You can even team up with one of our professional designers to create a completely original look for your Clothing Sheet Labels. Whatever your need, we’re ready to make it happen – and we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. Ready to create? Great – so are we.

how to make your own sewing labels

Woven damask is lustrous based thread with a smooth, soft texture. It is considered high end and used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Damask weave produces the best quality labels at a slightly higher cost than other woven labels.

stitched labels custom
stitched labels custom

Woven High Definition Labels

The high end process used to produce these high definition labels utilizes a high thread count to achieve a crisp clarity and smooth finish that is most desirable in a woven label.

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Fabric labels are the perfect finishing touch for any handmade item.  A fabric label with a logo or a sweet touch is ideal for handmade items, or a special gift sewn for a dear friend.  Labels are a great way to put a company logo on your work, so a luxury label is important.  Tags can also add a sweet message to a handmade gift or personalize it for the recipient.  

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Set yourself apart from the competition with a custom woven label.  We’ve partnered with two companies to provide high quality and cost-effective labels. Woven labels are created by weaving dyed yarns/threads together to produce your custom label.  Long after your mattress or furniture has sold, your label is still the connection between you and the consumer. Let your woven label leave a lasting impression on them!

personalized sewing labels for clothing

stitched labels custom
stitched labels custom
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