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sublime stitching labels

sublime stitching uk-sublime stitching labels

For every pricked finger, jammed sewing machine, or project gone awry. Satiny, woven labels that say “Made With #%*&!?” (“Made with cussing”) Affix to any hand-stitched or hand-made projects (folded in half and inserted along the seam, or applied flat).

sublime stitching woven labels-sublime stitching labels

Be sure to check all the lots to make sure you get enough yarn in the colour you need! This also means that if you run out of yarn mid sleeve, you can check your order receipt to find out which lot you bought and get another skein that matches your dyelot. Just in case you lose the ball band.

sublime stitching labels
sublime stitching labels

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Add a little something to your handmade projects with these fun labels from Sublime stitching. Each pack contains 4 3″ x 1/2″ sew-in labels. Woven satin with heat sealed ends so they won’t fray!

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I love my unique set of KSTHL labels, I’ve never seen anything like them in stores around me. They worked wonderfully to help me create some adorable welcome cards (for all seasons!). And shipping was super fast, I had them a few days after I ordered them.

sublime stitching labels
sublime stitching labels

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Embroidering on a t-shirt or onesie? Make your life easier with these iron-on sheets that will keep your fabric from stretching while you stitch. When you’re finished embroidering, simply tear your used sheet away. you’ll be  Comes with my complete instructions!

sublime stitching book

Dress up (and protect) your embroidery scissors! Vegan-friendly, non-leather sheaths in rich, metallic rainbow colors to make any embroidery scissors uniquely colorful, and so pretty! I know you have more than one pair of embroidery scissors, but I don’t judge.

sublime threads

Knives, scissors and saws form a broad category that covers a huge array of useful day-to-day tools, ideal for handling many tasks in the workplace as well as around the house. If there’s a job requiring a sharp edge of any kind, there’ll be a knife or saw designed for that specific purpo

sublime stitching transfer pen

sublime stitching labels
sublime stitching labels
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