taffeta labels wholesale–The great ultimate FQA Guide update 2022

taffeta labels wholesale

nylon taffeta label

With our tags and woven labels with your own logo, you have many different materials and almost infinite design possibilities to choose from. You can also combine your own logo with individual text or upload your design completely. You can see what your result will look like directly in the preview image.

taffeta labels wholesale
taffeta labels wholesale

Taffeta Labels manufacturers

Taffeta label is the most economical woven label available and is priced lower than damask and satin.  Taffeta labels are thinner and more sheer than other woven labels, but if you are looking for a nice, inexpensive label to put on the side of bags, hats, scarves, etc., taffeta woven labels could be perfect for your needs.

Taffeta is the most resistent material and has a slightly shining (“silky”) surface.  Our fine Italian HD threads in 475 colours allow for a weaving resolution that is almost twice as high than in case of satin yarn.

Taffeta Labels

You can choose a wide range of sizes, colors, folds and sewing allowances as follows (in short).


There are no limits but the most common labels vary from 0,5” to 3” (See the image below)


We will match the colors of your design with the colorchart available for printed satin labels



Center Fold

Ends Fold

Mitre Fold

Manhattan Fold

Cut to Shape (die cut)

Polyester Taffeta Labels Buyers

Customers who choose tatted clothing brands often want to give their products a classic, handmade feel.  Our custom woven labels are available in 50 or 100 deniers.  Woven labels are woven with thread rather than embroidered on ribbons, so the ideal size and color of your woven labels is easier to achieve.  Your text and/or logo is woven on the most modern looms.  We offer the following cutting and folding: Hot, End folding, ring folding, bevel folding.  If you want to attach dimensions to the label, they can be incorporated into the main label, or you can purchase separate woven size labels to add to the main label.  These can be arranged in black and white, or vice versa.  

taffeta labels wholesale
taffeta labels wholesale

Taffeta Labels Wholesale Supplier

Braided labels are widely used in clothing and related industries because of their robustness and beauty.  They are made of 100% polyester yarn.  One can get any design woven, i.e. they can be customized to their own needs.  Because they are polyester labels, they can withstand any wear and tear.  No matter how many times you wash it, the color won’t fade.  

Customized Wholesale garment washing labels nylon taffeta

Woven clothing labels are a better choice, but the choice to go woven brings about other decisions. There are four basic fabrics offered in woven labels: Satin, Taffeta, Semi-Damask and Damask

Satin is the most popular choice, but not always the wisest. Satin is thin and can snag easily, making it more likely to be cut out than other labels. Though it looks very pretty originally, you need to keep the customer in mind when choosing your label.

Taffeta is stiffer than satin and can stand up to a bit more snagging. However, with both satin and taffeta the finished edges of the labels can be stiff, leading to the prickly feeling labels are famous for.

Semi-damask is a mid line choice when it comes to labels. It has many of the qualities of damask.

taffeta labels wholesale
taffeta labels wholesale

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