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tag maker for clothes

How do I make my own clothing label?-tag maker for clothes

Produced on a loom, logos and text are woven on a piece of satin, damask or taffeta. Once woven, it will be cut into specified dimensions and then sewn onto t-shirts and apparels.

tag maker
tag maker

How do you put tags on clothes?-tag maker for clothes

Woven labels have a minimum order quantity of 500pcs. Prices range from $0.3~$1 depending on the size of the labels. Remove manufacturing labels and replacing them with the labels will cost around $0.5 for each shirt done.

What is the tag inside clothing called?-tag maker for clothes

Fabric Labels can be used as a marketing tool to improve your company’s branding; it can also be used on your staff’s uniform to make it stand out. The possibilities of using fabric label as a form of marketing is endless and we would of course like to share with you our portfolio that we have done over the years. We would like to meet you in person to go through with you on your requirements, as well as to share what we have done over the years. You can also let us know your queries in terms of fabric labels and we can better advise you.

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tag maker

How do you make clothing labels with Cricut?-tag maker for clothes

We can create damask woven labels for you based off of your design. We use this material to create a very tight weave. We also chose it because it is less likely to be irritating on the skin, when compared to other options. We are sure you’ll be happy with the results.

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Screen printing and embroidery is still the bread and butter, but we feel our growth moving forward is going to come from the e-commerce market. KSTHL’s automated digital printing package gives us the ability to service these online retailers and provide a good solution for them. Otherwise, we would not be able to go after this.

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tag maker

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With our printing devices, you will get the following features and benefits:

With an t-shirt label printer from KSTHL Label Company, you will be able to finish whatever it is you aim to do! That is because our printers are made so that you can add your own, personal touch to your clothing line, so feel free to be creative with them.

Woven label

Available in two different stocks : Satin and Demask, various foldings such as Straight Cut, Endfold, Centerfold and Mitrefold are possible with one colour process. Various sizes are possible for the Woven Labels but few sizes are recommended to best express the product. It is made from 100% polyester threads, Woven Labels are machine washable at any temperature, retains the shape after multiple washings/tumble dry and soft against the skin. This product is not restricted with quantity and fantastic solution for independent designers who have just established their own brands.

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Our team are on hand for each of our clients to provide comprehensive advice on your design. Taking them from initial concept through to weaving, printing and delivery. We support each of our clients with layout, format, colours, dimensions and type of weave and fabric – giving you a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Our team will support you throughout the whole process to make sure you are completely satisfied with your product and our level of customer service. We aim to get your product designed and turned round as quickly as possible – if you’re unsure where to start or what you need to get started, please read our advice section or get in touch with us using our live chat below.

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