The advantages and disadvantages of patch backings

Patches are a great way to showcase your brand’s identity and promotion.  Many companies that use uniforms need patches.  By using patches, you can give your company logo or campaign a unique and recognizable look.  The patch is also more commemorative. 

After receiving the ordered patch, we need to attach the patch to the products we need, such as clothes, bags, etc.  There are many options for back patching, depending on your needs. 

There are three types of backside techniques for patches, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  By studying this article, I think you will have an idea of how you should choose. 

1.Iron on patch 

Iron on is the method of ironing the patch to fix it on the desired product.  It’s the most common technique. 

Advantages of iron on

Easy to operate.  If you want to decorate your product in a short time, you don’t need anything complicated.  Iron on Patch is a good choice and can be easily operated by anyone.  Just iron the patch to the fabric you want to stick together. 

Disadvantages of iron on

Although we use good quality hot melt adhesive, but with the passage of time and the number of washing.  Iron on Patch will slowly fall off. 

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The advantages and disadvantages of patch backings 6

2.Velcro on patch 

This is a way to stick the patch firmly by using a prickly surface and a bristle surface. 

Advantages of velcro on

Durable.  By attaching the bristles to the product you want to cover with patches attached to the back.  When washing, you can remove the patch first, so that the service life of the patch will not be affected. 

Flexible.  It can adjust patches at any time, depending on the occasion or mood, change patches at will. 

Disadvantages velcro on

With Velcro, there aren’t many disadvantages.  However, there is a problem because the patch will not be firm.  All you need to do is hook the patch and it will stay loose even if you use double-sided hooks.  But this is not a problem because the main purpose is to display messages in the patch. 

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The advantages and disadvantages of patch backings 7

3. Adhesive on patch 

For our customer base, this process is rarely used and can be more expensive than any other option. 

Advantages of adhesive on

It’s a good option in the short term.  If you want to use this patch for a short period of time, Adhesive on is a good choice. 

Simple operation.  You don’t need any skill, just peel the protective film off the back of the patch and stick it on any product you want. 

Disadvantages of adhesive on   

Easy to come off.  Because it is easy to tear and paste, if repeatedly torn off, use for a long time it is easy to fall off. 

Don’t heat.  Adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on Patch adhesive on patch adhesive on patch adhesive on patch 

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The advantages and disadvantages of patch backings 8

4.Paper on patch 

A method of sewing by hand or sewing machine is also commonly used. 

Advantages of paper on

Permanent.  If you want to permanently fix a patch to a desired product, consider paper on Patch.  The patch is sewn into the garment through a sewing machine, and it does not come off easily. 

Disadvantages of paper on 

Technical operation.  In order to ensure that the patch looks good on the product, the sewing technique is critical.  Operating a sewing machine requires a bit of skill. 

Is not convenient.  We usually use sewing machines instead of hands.  Need to be equipped with a sewing machine, relatively speaking, more inconvenient. 

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The advantages and disadvantages of patch backings 9

Conclusion of patch backings

Supporting your embroidery patches shouldn’t be a complicated process.  All you need is to consider your needs and choose the right type.  Again, you need to hire professionals to create patches for you, as it will require special skills and tools. 

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