The application of clothing accessories in clothing design

In clothing design, clothing accessories as the basis of clothing design, exist in the form of auxiliary, usually ignored clothing accessories as the main design elements, coupled with innovative thinking in clothing design, can be launched a series of unique aesthetic design.  All clothing accessories, whether for the inner quality of clothing, or external quality have an important impact.  The appropriate collocation of auxiliary materials can make the finishing point and get twice the result with half the effort. 

The role of clothing accessories 

Clothing accessories are an important part of clothing materials, but also constitute an important basis of clothing, it is not only a part of color modeling, but also the skeleton of clothing structure.  Proper selection of clothing accessories can improve the quality of clothing, otherwise, it will affect the overall effect of clothing and the commercial value of goods.  Clothing accessories have always been more to meet the functional requirements, compared with clothing fabrics in a subordinate position.  However, the garment industry is an industry with design as its core competitiveness, especially in the era when consumers are highly sensitive to design, clothing accessories can no longer be a simple foil or decoration, and have gradually become one of the main forces to promote the popularity. 

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Use of woven labels in clothing industry 

Woven label is everyone’s daily life every friend has seen the article, but with everyone mentioned, the vast majority of friends for this term is relatively unfamiliar.  In fact, the woven label is located in the inside of the clothes and pants. If you want to see whether the size of the clothes and pants is appropriate and what raw materials the clothes and pants are made of, open the clothes and pants and have a look at the woven label inside, simple and clear. 

Woven label is not very widely used in our daily life. There is a small woven label on the clothing pants, jeans pants, boots brand bag, which is woven with the brand logo or text trademark. It is the symbol of brand clothing, which plays a very key role in the clothing wholesale market.  Woven mark according to the different processing technology can be not very different types, damask woven label, satin woven label, anti-counterfeiting woven label, etc..  It can also be divided into pure cotton yarn, polyester yarn, metal yarn and fish yarn.  Because the processing technology of raw materials is not the same, the quality level also exists certain difference. 

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Anti-counterfeit clothing label 

Anti-counterfeiting woven label is based on the trademark logo equipment in the whole process of woven label “micro text anti-counterfeiting line” together on the top of the cloth label, in addition, anti-counterfeiting woven label can be made into “tube yarn anti-counterfeiting woven label” or “fine yarn anti-counterfeiting woven label”, general anti-counterfeiting woven label is applied in high-end clothing. 

The value of woven label in clothing 

In the whole process of clothing wholesale market or clothing evaluation, the use value of clothing is usually reduced due to the improper selection of some auxiliary materials.  Choosing appropriate clothing auxiliary materials can improve the quality of clothing.  Instead, it is likely to jeopardize the overall practical effect of the garment, its marketing and sales performance, and its application.  Nowadays, China’s imported and exported garments usually have enough time on the fabric and lining, no matter from the point of view of quality, color, style and personalization, this key and novel information can only be presented according to the indispensable woven trademark of garments. 

Economic development and people’s requirements for personalized customization, the development and production of clothing products have a certain purpose, according to the purpose of clothing to choose different clothing woven mark logo for configuration, material characteristics and material categories have different requirements for different clothing.  Decorative clothing for fashion casual clothing patterns, elegant, delicate, woven label quality is light, soft suit, formal dress seriously, woven label grade is high, color and fabric coordination uniform, training clothing seriously unified, good functionality, woven label should have good mechanical function. 

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Woven label derivatives 

On the basis of woven tag technology, many garment accessories can be derived, such as woven patch, woven ribbon and so on.  They are also indispensable in fashion design.  They can be used to decorate clothes or as a status symbol. 

Woven badge is a kind of precise demand patch, it can perfectly reproduce the design details.  A clean and stylish look adds color to the reputation of any fashion brand.  Because of their affordable prices, they are a popular choice for emerging fashion brands as well as established brands.  They also make great gifts for bands, corporate giveaways, nonprofits and more. 

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